Zasa’s Pizza & Metropolis Cheese Steaks move into Mother Road Market

If you’re craving pizza and wings or a Philly cheesesteak, there are new options at Mother Road Market.

Two Andolini restaurant concepts, Zasa’s Pizza and Wings and Metropolis Cheesesteaks, are open.

This is the second location for Zasa’s Pizza and Wings and next door you can find Metropolis, which now only sells Philly cheesesteaks.

New signs are in place at the Mother Road Market for new places to eat. Zasa’s primary location is on 101st and Memorial.

“We’ve been dreaming of the second location since the first location opened, so it’s exciting that it’s here,” Zasa owner Tara Hattan said.

There are fewer items on this menu, but Hattan said you can find all the basics like garlic knots, wings, pizza rolls, and pickle pizza.

Cheese curds are also on the list, and she hopes to add desserts soon.

The restaurant also launched a new pizza called “grandma’s style”. Hattan said it was unique to find in Oklahoma.

“It’s a really good, traditional, old-fashioned pizza,” Hattan said.

Hattan said it was a Sicilian style thin crust cheese pizza with sauce on top.

The pizza world champion won gold at the International Pizza Expo in March and said she was thrilled to bring her pizza to Midtown.

“Opening a restaurant is always crazy and fun and crazy all at the same time. So it’s kind of refreshing to do it again and do it again soon after Vegas and everything, so it’s going to be good,” Hattan said.

Another Andolini concept, Metropolis Cheesesteaks, focuses on one specialty.

You can create your own cheesesteak by choosing the meat, cheese and toppings, plus a few sides.

Mother Road Market is open 11 a.m. to 9 p.m. Tuesday through Sunday.

Dino S. Williams