Young’s Seafood offers consumers a plate ad campaign

Young’s Seafood is set to launch a dual marketing campaign starting April 1 to entice consumers to bite into its Chip Shop and Gastro brands.

The campaign will use advanced targeting and analytics to reach priority audiences under a digital delivery plan designed in partnership with Sky’s AdSmart technology.

The innovative integration will allow Young’s to share its ads directly with consumers viewing iPad in tandem with traditional broadcast ads, all tailored to individual shopping preferences.

To achieve this, the campaign will simultaneously monitor more than 600 channels, delivering ads to the most promising propositions within milliseconds based on their propensity to eat frozen fish.

Daniel Stephenson, Head of Sky Adsmart at Sky Media, commented: “This is one of the most progressive uses of AV we’ve seen. Sky Media is delighted to be working with Young’s and Total Media on such an innovative partnership that uses both purchase and viewing data to plan, target and optimize the campaign across Sky’s linear and addressable platforms.

Yvonne Adam, Marketing Director of Young’s Seafood, added: “We are confident that by bringing Malcolm back to the screens, supporting both Chip Shop and Gastro, and using such a sophisticated targeting strategy, we will see a reach like never before on our key products. target audience.”

This activity will be complemented by digital display advertising on the BBC Good Food and Delicious Magazine websites.

Previously, the frozen food brand targeted stressed parents with “The Youngsters”.

Dino S. Williams