Video shows man accused of stealing $500 worth of steaks pointing gun inside Miami Winn Dixie – CBS Miami

MIAMI (CBSMiami) – New surveillance video shows a disturbing image at a Winn Dixie supermarket in South Miami when police say a thief leaving the store turns around and points a gun at an employee and a customer.

CBS4’s Peter D’Oench obtained exclusive surveillance footage of the incident which happened around 4 p.m. Tuesday last week at the store in the 5800 block of SW 73rd St.

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Detective Fernando Bosch said surveillance video shows the man walking down an alley before stealing more than 20 ribeye and T-bone steaks worth more than $500.

Bosch said it was unclear why the man pointed his gun at two other people and he was glad no one was hurt.

“He saw an employee following him so he turned around and pointed his gun,” Bosch said.

“He put the lives of at least two people in danger. Can you imagine one of them would have had a gun. It wouldn’t have been so good. He could have had a drug problem. This can be corrected. There are programs. This guy is dangerous. I can’t remember the last time we had a case in broad daylight where someone pointed a gun at someone to steal steaks. This young man has problems. He is armed and dangerous.

Bosch also said he identified the suspect as Nicholas Anthony Marino, 27, who may be living with a woman and has a grandmother in Hialeah. He also said Marino had a warrant against him for a felony in Charleston, SC and committed robbery and burglary in Hialeah and shoplifted 2 times in Coral Gables.

“This individual that we know has a history of shoplifting at Publix and has also committed a commercial burglary. He is now a graduate in armed robbery and we need to get him off the streets,” Bosch said.

“We see him wearing a private school t-shirt. But he never attended that private school and he probably picked up the shirt in goodwill.

CBS4 also showed the video to Winn Dixie’s customers.

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Izabella Bessenyey said: ‘It’s quite scary, with a Winn Dixie employee in danger. It would be pretty scary with a gun pointed at me.

Sahily Perez said: “People are crazy right now. It’s happening everywhere, not just Winnie Dixie but everywhere.

Another customer who declined to be named said: “I think it’s awful. I think people can just get a gun by walking down the street. There must be something wrong with this person unless he is trying to stop people from picking on him. I would love to see someone like that get caught after walking around threatening people with a gun.

In a statement from Winn Dixie, Meredith Hurley, Director of Public and Community Relations for Southeastern Grocers, said, “We take this matter very seriously because the safety of our associates and customers is our top priority. We are grateful that no one was injured in this incident and we are fully cooperating with local law enforcement on this active investigation and reporting any updates to them.

Anyone who can help South Miami Police should call them or Miami-Dade Crime Stoppers at (305) 471-TIPS (4377).

There have been other armed robberies at South Florida supermarkets that CBS4 has described in previous exclusive stories, but they did not have firearms.

CBS4 told you on September 14, 2020 about a robbery at a Publix supermarket at 1500 SW 57th Ave. in West Miami, in which a man with a stun gun stole $250 worth of merchandise. He was seen leaving the store with a backpack.

On September 3, 2021, CBS4 told you about another robbery, in which a man who was also captured on surveillance video used a knife to steal $16 worth of salmon from the same store.

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West Miami police say the robber brandished his knife. The two men fled on bicycles.

Dino S. Williams