Valley Chefs Serve Steaks in St. Vincent de Paul

In honor of Muhammad Ali’s birthday and Martin Luther King Jr. Day, celebrity chefs grilled steaks for the homeless.

PHOENIX — Boxing legend Muhammad Ali would have celebrated his 80th birthday on this Martin Luther King Jr. Day.

In honor of the two men and their legacy of helping each other, friends of Ali and four of the valley’s top chefs served a delicious meal accompanied by cheering.

“There’s nothing like a hot meal when you’re not feeling well,” said chef Marc Lupino.

One by one, the men and women marched through the dining hall of Saint-Vincent de Paul.

The menu included steak grilled and served by chefs Marc Lupino (Steak 44, Dominick’s Steakhouse and Ocean 44) Vincent Guerithault (Vincent’s on Camelback) Mark Tarbell (Tarbell’s) and Chris Bianco (Pizzeria Bianco).

“Being able to give someone a steak, and maybe they never got to have one, is a great feeling,” Lupino said.

‘We hope for a few hours, a happier feeling of life – their daily life. We hope we can make a small difference for a few hours,” said Chef Vincent.

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While this day is about inspiring two great men, civil rights leader Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. and boxing legend Muhammad Ali, it is also about breaking bread and sharing.

“Hopefully they’ll see a lot of kind faces, and I think that takes away some hope,” Lupino said.

Ronald Saunders, one of the diners, said the steak was a nice break from the usual menu.

“It’s very special to have one, to care about the people who are in the predicament and predicament that we find ourselves in,” Saunders said.

Muhammad Ali’s widow, Lonnie, sent words of encouragement in a video.

“What’s important is that you get up because every day is an opportunity for a fresh start,” she said.

Jimmy Walker, who founded Celebrity Fight Night and was a longtime friend of Ali, said the event was about hope.

” Do not abandon. There is always today, tomorrow and forgetting the past because we have all made mistakes,” he said.

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Dino S. Williams