These melt-in-your-mouth Black Angus sirloin steaks — and they’re on sale at QVC

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Rastelli’s Black Angus Sirloin Steaks are as tender and juicy as they come – and they’re on sale! (Photo: QVC)

Meat lovers, listen up: there’s a juicy deal going on at QVC involving some of the finest, gourmet Black Angus sirloin steaks you’ll ever find outside of a steakhouse. These aren’t just any Black Angus sirloin steaks – these are by famed butcher Rastelli (if you know, you know). Rastelli’s has been making our mouths water since 1975, when it opened its first butcher shop in southern New Jersey.

Today, you can order Rastelli’s 6-ounce Black Angus sirloin steaks at a deep discount: 12 steaks for $121 (was $133). Don’t want to pay for everything all at once? Instead, opt for four Easy Pay installments of just $30.25. Also, if you are a first-time QVC buyer, you can get an additional $15 discount with the code TO OFFER.

To be hungry ? Watch QVC’s video on delicious steaks and you’ll be even hungrier.

$121 $133 at QVC

12 raw sirloin steaks on a cutting board with seasoning nearby

Summer grilling: it’s done! (Photo: QVC)

Chewing Rastelli’s Black Angus Sirloin Steaks is like sinking your teeth into pure heaven. You won’t find any fat or gristle in any of these 6-ounce slices – just a perfect cut of premium beef that comes out super juicy no matter how you slice it. And there is so much ways to decide it.

These Rastelli Black Angus Sirloin Steaks can be sliced ​​like butter into thin strips that are perfect for fajitas or quesadillas. Cut them into fillets and they make the ideal Philly cheese steaks. Want skewers? Dice this premium beef, break out the grill, then watch your dinner guests drool.

Each steak is vacuum sealed, so freshness is locked in – and bacteria blocked out – for two full years. Let steakhouse quality dinners come to you. Grill, sear or roast to culinary perfection – and uncork yourself a bottle of red while you’re at it.

Where’s the beef? It’s here, and yours to take – but only for a limited time!

$121 $133 at QVC

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Dino S. Williams