These joints serve the best vegan seafood dishes in America

Want to savor the taste of your favorite seafood dishes but don’t want to hurt animals? Well, we’ll help you out. We have scoured the country and put together a mouthwatering list of what we consider to be the best vegan seafood washing up in America. These delicious meals prove that you can enjoy the taste of seafood while sparing the intelligent, sensitive fish – who can use tools and show affection – immense pain. Ready to discover them?

Fish tacos at The Owlery in Bloomington, Indiana

Pass by this restaurant to try the Fish tacos-made with tofu, pico de gallo, red cabbage and cayenne-lime sauce. They are a trap!

Seafood Hot Pot at Vegan house in phoenix

This restaurant offers several vegan seafood options. Try the FLT sandwich (“fish”, lettuce and tomato); the Clay Pot Shrimp, made with vegan shrimp, vermicelli, mushrooms, peppers, onions and garlic; or our favorite, the tempting Seafood Hot Pot, filled with vegan shrimp and fish, mushrooms, tomatoes, ginger, lemongrass and sweet basil in a sweet and sour broth.

Simili Eel & Tofu at barn in Providence, Rhode Island

If you’re looking for an adventurous vegan seafood experience, check out this amazing dish, which includes sticky rice, kimchi, pickled vegetables, seaweed salad, and soy-glazed crispy tofu.

imitation eel and tofu from the restaurant la grange

Artichoke oysters at crossroads in Los Angeles

With pristine dishes like this, which is served with mashed artichokes, crispy oyster mushroom, yellow tomato bearnaise, and kelp caviar, it’s easy to see why the all-vegan restaurant was named the one of the best vegan establishments in PETA.

Carrefour Kitchen Artichoke Oysters in LA

It also offers vegan crab cakes and a seasonal seafood tower that’s packed with a huge array of delicious vegan morsels.

Tofu ‘Catfish’ at Vegan Soul of Detroit in Detroit

Named one of PETA’s best vegan soul food restaurants of 2016, this restaurant serves vegan seafood in the form of its Tofu “Catfish” plate. It is made with cornmeal breaded tofu, a mixture of broccoli and corn, red potatoes and onions. The hushpuppies are served as an accompaniment.

Vegetable ceviche at Plant in New Orleans

Seed is a treasure trove for vegan seafood lovers. This fish-free ceviche, made with cauliflower, green and red onions, red peppers, lime, lemon juice and avocado, is our favorite.

seed your health restaurant's vegetable ceviche in new orleans

Also try the Southern Fried Po’boy, Seed Gumbo, or New Orleans Artichoke Cakes.

three vegan seafood dishes from Seed Your Health restaurant in New Orleans

Vegan crab cakes at The land of Kush in Baltimore

Head to this restaurant to experience this popular weekend special, made with textured vegetable protein seasoned in Old Bay and pan-fried in olive oil.

Roll of hearts of palm at Sailor Jack’s in Kansas City, Missouri

This restaurant’s dedicated vegan menu features appetizers, salads, sides, sandwiches and more. The special one Roll of hearts of palm– which is made with grated palm hearts, vegan lemon mayonnaise, celery, fennel and avocado and served on a toasted white bun – is the perfect guilt-free alternative to a lobster roll.

Fish dinner at Imagine a vegan cafe in Memphis, Tennessee

the Fish dinner at this fully vegan restaurant you’ll find three Gardein fish-free fillets, fries, hushpuppies made from scratch and a homemade creamy coleslaw and tangy tartar sauce.

vegan "fish" dinner imagine vegan cafe in memphis

Oyster mushrooms ‘Calamari’ at Vegan cafe of the 3 brothers in Long Island, New York

This dish is served with a vegan tartare sauce and a marinara sauce for dipping.


Other delicious options include tofu “crab” cakes and “fish” chips.

You don’t have to go to any of these restaurants to taste great vegan seafood.

Gardein’s fish-free golden fillets are available in grocery stores nationwide. They make a handy garnish for tacos and sandwiches, and they’re also satisfying when served with fries, rice, or veggies. We also have many fully vegan seafood recipes here on!

According to the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations, 35 percent of fish caught in the ocean don’t even make it to a plate. This is a big problem considering that 1 to 3,000 billion fish are caught in the wild every year. Today, the number of fish killed in any given year exceeds the total number of humans that ever existed.

The nicest choice we can make for all animals, on land or at sea, is to leave them off our plates. If you’re interested in learning more about going vegan, check out the link below to get started.

Dino S. Williams