The Truth About Ruth’s Chris Ribeye Steaks

Ruth’s Chris rib eye steaks are not only cooked at 1,800 degrees Fahrenheit, but are also served on plates at 500 degrees Fahrenheit, a practice that gives restaurant dishes their signature sizzle (via Ruth’s Chris). Historic franchisee and operator of Ruth’s Chris restaurants in San Antonio and Toronto, Lana Duke summed it up for Dine. According to her, Ruth Fertel “wanted the last bite to be as hot as the first. The sizzle in the plate kept it warm until the very last bite… ‘If it doesn’t sizzle, send it back’. It helped build the brand.”

While many diners wouldn’t want Ruth’s Chris to sizzle otherwise, some have complained about the restaurant’s practice of serving steak on hot plates. One customer wrote on Reddit: “Last time I went to Ruth’s Chris I ordered a medium rib eye and they brought it to me on a 500 degree plate so by the time I I was half done with my ribeye, it had cooked to medium well…the plate was so hot it ended up ruining my $70 steak.” An employee of Ruth’s Chris said the restaurant was undercooking its steaks and the cooking process was over on the plate. They also mentioned that diners are welcome to request a room temperature plate or both a sizzling plate and a standard plate.

Dino S. Williams