The Stix & Stones in Belfast breeds ‘steaks’ with a specialist butcher

Belfast restaurant Stix & Stones has opened a specialist butcher shop at its Belfast site, offering a sustainable and traceable range of carefully slaughtered, dry-aged beef.

he new purpose-built Stix & Stones butcher shop on Wellington Place in Belfast city center opened on June 11, creating four new full-time jobs.

It includes a dry aging facility and will employ two experienced master butchers, an apprentice butcher and a customer service assistant.

The butcher shop will stock the finest cuts of beef of exceptional tenderness, flavor and taste raised by an award-winning Co Down rare breed beef breeder.

It will also supply its range of dry-aged beef to a number of local businesses, including its Stix & Stones restaurant in the town centre, Dunmurray’s Balmoral Hotel and the award-winning Millies Gastro Pub.

“Since we opened the doors of our downtown Belfast restaurant in 2014, we have always focused on providing our customers with fully matured, expertly slaughtered meat that tastes just right, every time,” said Kerry Roper, Head of Food and Development. chef at the Stix & Stones restaurant.

“The launch of Stix & Stones Butchery is a major statement of intent as it gives us full control and traceability of our dry aged beef in terms of origin, identity and freedom from disease, growth hormones and harmful bacteria.

“Butchery allows us to provide a genuine farm-to-fork commitment to customers that ensures the quality of the beef we serve in our restaurants is unmatched and allows our customers to take home that great depth of taste, of flavor and quality when cooked from our dry-aged expert. steaks.

“We work closely with a local pedigree breeder who is internationally recognized for their world-class methods for slowly and naturally cultivating their rare breeds to produce the highest quality, best tasting, and consistently tender cuts of beef.

“Our purpose-built dry aging facility will also allow us to expertly age purebred beef for several weeks to months before being trimmed and cut into premium steaks by our master butchers.

“The opening of the butcher shop will also help boost the local economy by building on our philosophy of supporting local suppliers of quality fresh food and ingredients, and the creation of four new full-time positions in the Stix & Stones butcher.

“This unique and innovative approach, the first of its kind in Belfast, will also significantly reduce the environmental impact of how we source our beef from the farmer within 20 miles of our Belfast restaurants and butcher.”

Stix and Stones launched its downtown Belfast restaurant in 2014 and its sister restaurant based at the Balmoral Hotel opened in 2017. The restaurants are best known for offering diners the distinctive experience of cooking steaks dry aged on hot stones.

Dino S. Williams