The Best Vegan Seafood Dishes From Everyday Restaurants

First came vegan meat, which nearly took over grocery store shelves. Then vegan cheese had its rising star moment. So many people have gone vegan that businesses are interference to also offer vegan egg options. And now it’s the turn of vegan seafood, which Smithsonian says is “ready for a boom any minute”. News flash: that minute has arrived. The shift to vegan living is so significant that even these meat-heavy and seafood-heavy restaurants knew they had to add vegan seafood dishes to stay relevant. Take a look at some of the most delicious animal-free seafood dishes in the United States (listed in no particular order):

Cavi-art at Blue Sushi Sake Grill

Locations in Colorado, Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Kansas, Kentucky, Nebraska, and Texas

Cruelty-free caviar does not exist. But vegan seaweed-based Cavi-art is a long-lasting, stable delicacy that looks and feels like the real thing. You can find it in 14 Blue Sushi Sake Grill locations. Now you don’t have to feel guilty about going for sushi – just order an avocado, cucumber or sweet potato roll topped with Cavi-art!

ODV Poke Bowl at Wikiwiki Poké Shop

Grand Rapids, Michigan

Think you can’t be vegan and order poke? Think again. Made from Ocean Hugger Foods’ Ahimi (the world’s first vegan alternative to raw tuna), Grand Rapids Wikiwiki Poke Shop’s ODV Bowl is a fan favorite, so much so that earlier this year, the restaurant made the menu item formerly temporary. a perm. The homemade spicy mayonnaise on top really seals the deal.

Vegan tuna salad sandwich Busboys and poets

washington d.c.

Our DC employees are a little obsessed with the Busboys and Poets cultural center, and their vegan tuna salad sandwich is definitely one of the reasons. Chickpeas, relish, nori, carrots, celery, vegan mayo, lettuce, tomatoes and onions all come together on a French bun to create one hell of a delicious hoagie.

Crab cake with hearts of palm Crustacean

Beverly Hills, California

This restaurant offers vegan crab cakes made from hearts of palm, and the dish is as delicious as it is stunning. “I ordered the heart of palm ‘crabcake’…even my husband, who is known for his vegetarian adversaries, couldn’t believe it was vegan,” exclaimed a satisfied customer, who also qualified the The restaurant’s “incredibly innovative” vegan options.

Vegan calamari at The daily kitchen and bar

Richmond, Virginia

The actual calamari is pretty gross, not to mention cruel. Thank goodness, then, for places like The Daily Kitchen & Bar in Richmond, where you can order a vegan version of the dish made with hearts of palm, peppadews and red onion. Chipotle Lemon Vinaigrette is the perfect dip for the “[s]nice find.

Vegan crab cakes at Mad Batter Restaurant and Bar

Cape May, New Jersey

It has a really cool name, and the Mad Batter Restaurant and Bar in Cape May also serves up some really cool vegan fare. For example, there are the vegan crab cakes, which are made with hearts of palm and chickpeas and served with vegan macaroni and cheese as well as grilled vegetables, all topped with a delicious vegan remoulade sauce.

Vegan scallops at Mama’s & Cafe Baci

Hackettstown, New Jersey

Hackettstown hotspot Mama’s & Cafe Baci offers a vegan menu, including a must-try appetizer: vegan scallops. Made from pan-fried trumpets, “scallops” are served on a mesclun salad with a citrus vinaigrette. No wonder it’s considered the best Italian restaurant in Warren County.

Vegan Fish and Chips at Off hook


What list of vegan seafood dishes would be complete without fish and chips? Step into Off the Hook, a Las Vegas hotspot that serves very tasty, animal-friendly food. The vegan fish and chips entrée includes three pieces of fried “fish”, vegan tartar sauce, homemade coleslaw and fries. What happens in Vegas doesn’t always have to stay in Vegas – order yours to go!

Vegan fish tacos at Pelon’s Baja Grill

Norfolk, Virginia

Vegan fish tacos are a staple on any list of great vegan seafood dishes. Luckily for the staff at our Norfolk, VA headquarters, Pelon’s Baja Grill has it all. The restaurant is famous for its fish tacos, and the vegan fish tacos are easily its best.

Boil Vegan Shrimp Shrimp heads

San Diego

For a tastier, milder version of a shrimp broth, head to San Diego’s Shrimp Heads. Vegan shrimp broth is not on the menu, but it is available to order – the restaurant even shouts the dish on its homepage, calling it “finger-licking worthy”.


Much like the Wikiwiki Poke Shop ODV Bowl, vegan seafood is here to stay. These restaurants may not be exclusively vegan, but they do have options for kind diners, and we love it. All restaurants should do the same if they hope to continue feeding future generations.

Every fish killed for food wanted to live

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