Tasty seafood dishes that should always be on the table

With a few simple ideas, tasty seafood dishes are always a great choice.

For many people, enjoying tasty seafood dishes means going to their favorite restaurant or having a memorable vacation. Recently, more and more people have come to appreciate this delicious food and recipes at home. Whether a person is a novice cook or a chef, one key element makes a huge difference in flavor. It comes down to the ingredients of the sea.

In the 2020-2025 Diet Guidelines for Americans, the report recommends that people eat seafood at least twice a week. While some people might grab the fish fingers or that tin of tuna, these ingredients may not celebrate the seafood delight.

With changes in the food community, some of the best seafood is now available to ship straight to your doorstep. While many chefs have organized special meal kits, food straight from the source is also available, such as Maine seafood. In some ways, this fresh, straightforward product can and does make a difference in the food on your table.

Often regarded as one of the best places for seafood, Maine and its crystal-clear waters cultivate some of the tastiest seafood in the world. While many people instantly think of Maine lobster, it’s not the only seafood that comes from the cold waters off the coast.

For example, scallops and clams from Maine have a delicious flavor. If you are looking for a beautiful seafood dinner, consider a simply seared Maine scallop. The sweetness of the Saint-Jacques is underlined by a touch of salt and pepper. Whether served on their own, with a polenta, or even over pasta, these Maine scallops could become your favorite dish.

Plus, a clam and pasta classic is always a delicious choice. With good butter, fresh garlic and your favorite pasta, the simplicity of the dish showcases these fresh clams. When you have great seafood, you don’t need to overload the recipe with too many ingredients.

As more people explore the flavors of Maine seafood, it can be nice to pair them with other local ingredients. Much like the old expression of what grows together goes together, sea vegetables in Maine are more than just dried seaweed.

Since they are packed with micronutrients and antioxidants, there are plenty of reasons to include them in tasty seafood dishes. From the brackish flavor of sea lettuce to the mild sweetness of kelp, these ingredients can inspire a lot of culinary creativity.

Isn’t it time to resolve to savor tastier seafood recipes? With impeccable ingredients, there is no limit to culinary creativity.

Dino S. Williams