‘Steaks on a Plane’ restaurant serves food from a decommissioned Russian airliner

If you want something a little more exciting than Nando’s or Frankie & Benny’s for your next meal, then we definitely have the place for you.

Steaks on a Plane in Bolton is different from most restaurants because instead of being in a building, the food is served from a decommissioned Russian airliner converted into a restaurant.

It’s not something you see or hear every day, is it? !

It’s almost impossible to miss the imposing structure, which is parked on the A676.

Passers-by will spot the shiny Boeing 737 – which is cut in half and has its wings removed.

The decommissioned Russian airliner converted into a restaurant is parked on the A676

The restaurant opened in 2015 and serves street food to punters.

The name is a pun on the cult Hollywood movie Snakes on a Plane, starring Samuel L Jackson, if you haven’t guessed it already.

However, aside from its comical name, it’s also quite unique, as you hardly see restaurants housed in old airplanes any day.

However, is it good?

Well, luckily the folks at Manchester Evening News took a trip there to find out for us.

Interior of Steaks on a Plane Restaurant
The interior of the plane has been completely transformed into an elegant restaurant filled with tables and booths

Writing on the site, journalist Thomas George wrote: “At first glance, this looks like no plane I’ve ever been on.

“There are no cramped seats with minimal legroom and there are no crying babies or noisy bachelor parties in sight.”

He added: “The interior of the aircraft has been completely transformed into an elegant restaurant filled with tables and booths. Only the original cockpit remains fully intact.

“A look at the flaky menu reveals an impressive array of shredded steaks, burgers and wraps on offer, but there’s a surprising lack of airplane puns. I can’t tell if I’m disappointed or not. .”

Steak and fries at Steaks on a Plane restaurant
‘Original menu’ steak and fries apparently ‘taste much better than they look’

Thomas said the meals were “prepared in an open kitchen at the back of the plane” and his had arrived in just 15 minutes.

Each dish is apparently served in a polystyrene tray, but they are not stingy on the portions.

Thomas tried the ‘Original Menu’ steak and chips (£9), which he said ‘tastes much better than it looks’.

He wrote: “Pile on a bed of fries, the shredded steak is delicious and not remotely chewy.

The Insanity Burger at Steaks on a Plane
‘The Insanity Burger’ is generous in size, but would be ‘disappointing’

“And it’s nicely spiced up with a chili sauce that I select from a range of options.”

On top of that he tried the chicken steak and fries, the meat being lightly marinated in an ‘Asian spice’.

He described the £7 dish as ‘moist and delicious’ and said the chicken came with a ‘heavier portion of chips and a side salad’.

Also sampled was ‘The Insanity Burger’, which combines grilled chicken with slices of steak, a fried egg, melted cheese and ‘jalapeno bombers’ – all for just £6.70.

And despite its generous size, Thomas admitted it was ‘disappointing’, adding: ‘It’s a disappointment to find that the cheese on the ‘Philly cheese steak wrap’ isn’t actually melted”.

In addition to tasting the food, the writer took a look before leaving.

“Before going down the same staircase we came up, I put my head in the cockpit and I’m faced with a mass of controls and buttons,” he said.

“It’s a bit of a gimmick, sure, but it’ll delight airplane enthusiasts and kids alike – a pilot’s cap is even available for photos – and I guess that’s the essence of what Steaks is all about. we have Plane.”

Of his restaurant experience, he concluded: “It would be hard to argue that Steaks on a Plane isn’t named after him. It pretty much does what it says on the box.

“The bill came to just under £30 for four huge courses and two soft drinks, which felt like good value considering the portion sizes.

“I will definitely be back soon. »

Sounds good to us!

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Dino S. Williams