Salt Bae’s latest restaurant with £400 steaks branded a ‘waste of money’ by Saudi diners who give it just 1.7 stars

SALT Bae’s newest restaurant in Saudi Arabia with £400 steaks has been called a ‘waste of money’ by diners – who gave it just 1.7 stars.

Customers have complained about sky-high prices and “rude” wait staff when the salt-dusted chef and restaurateur last opened in the capital Riyadh.


Salt Bae recently left London to open its new outpost in Saudi ArabiaCredit: Facebook
Riyadh joint diners found the prices hard to swallow


Riyadh joint diners found the prices hard to swallowCredit: Facebook

Salt Bae, real name Nusret Gökçe, recently revealed he was leaving London to open his 28th restaurant in Saudi Arabia and bring his steakhouse Nusr-Et to the U-Walk resort in Riyadh.

But barely two weeks after the inauguration, diners are struggling to swallow the celebrity chef’s prizes.

The upscale joint was chewed up on Google, with 40 diners giving the place a paltry 1.7 out of 5 stars.

Customers have called the upmarket joint offering £400 steaks ‘overpriced’ and ‘very bad’.

One diner said: ‘A waste of money, and whoever goes to his house I think his mind is faulty because there’s just something like him and better than him at a natural price.’

Another wrote: “Prices exploit hijackers who think they belong to the wealthy class.”

A third said: “Very, very expensive – wouldn’t recommend.”

One customer simply summed up their experience as “very bad” and another restaurant called the wait staff “rude”.

While one said, “Prices are high – for the price of a steak, you can buy a whole cow.”

But other diners described Salt Bae’s new restaurant as “one of life’s best experiences.”

One delighted customer said, “His steaks are truly worth every penny that melts in your mouth.”

Another said: “Great experience. Chef Nusret was there too and he’s a very humble guy.”

Others praised the high quality food and “excellent” service – while another diner said it was “one of the finest restaurants in the kingdom”.

The Sun has approached Nurs-Et Riyad and Nusret Gökçe for comment.

Often seen posing with the rich and famous, Salt Bae is famous for flamboyantly carving expensive steaks and garnishing with his signature dusting.

Taking to his Instagram page, he shared the news of his move to Saudi Arabia.

He said: “Sunday is my last day at Lovely London. I want to see you beautiful people before I leave.”

The veteran chef is believed to have at least 13 other restaurants alongside his 15 Nusr-Et Steakhouses in glitzy locations like Miami and Dubai.

But it appears he hasn’t quite managed to keep up appearances at all of his outposts, after an employee of Nusr-Et Steakhouse Turkey claimed he had been working there for months and was had never met the chief.

And Salt Bae – whose London-based antics and eye-watering bills have seen him make headlines – was recently in hot water after advertising for chefs.

He planned to pay them an hourly wage equivalent to the cost of a bowl of mash on his menu.

The miserable salary was announced despite his London restaurant being ranked the second most expensive restaurant in the world.

And despite the sky-high price, diners have complained that the food served in the “kebab-style” joint is “barely edible”.

One diner described Salt Bae's new restaurant as


A diner described Salt Bae’s new restaurant as ‘one of life’s best experiences’Credit: Facebook
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