Salt Bae London restaurant manager defends his $2,400 steaks and says they’re worth it

Few people could defend a piece of meat that costs more than some people’s rent, but one of Salt Bae’s employees thinks otherwise.

Nusr-Et’s London site manager has finally spoken out about the exorbitantly priced steaks after news went viral earlier this year that some customers were left with a CA$60,000 hole in their wallets after a night out at the restaurant.

Steak prices are mind-boggling, but patrons have also paid £11 for a Red Bull, which equates to nearly CA$20.

During an exclusive interview, the Knightsbridge restaurant manager, identified as “Mr Mehmed”, said the restaurant serves the best meat in the world and defended the high menu prices.

The restaurant opened its doors to customers in London for the first time in September this year and faced serious backlash over its prices and allegedly poor service.

“People have complained because they’ve seen bills on social media for people who paid £10,000 for a bottle of wine,” Mr Mehmed said. “But you can find these prices all over London. The service and quality we provide is extremely high. It’s more interactive than most restaurants – we cook and prepare the food in front of you.”

The menu features dishes like tomahawk steak, which can cost upwards of CA$2,500 when sprinkled with gold leaf.

However, it might not be worth all the hype since Mr. Mehmed admitted that the overdone ingredient doesn’t actually impact the overall experience of the dish.

“It doesn’t improve the taste or change the quality,” Mehmed said.

Meanwhile, restaurant workers would have to work for three weeks to afford one of the restaurant’s golden steaks, according to My London.

Salt Bae himself spent around six weeks in London to launch the restaurant, and he has now moved to Saudi Arabia to open another in the chain.

Dino S. Williams