Relish Foods Recalls Tuna Steaks After Consumer Complaint, FDA Testing Reveals Histamine Levels

Relish Foods Inc. of El Segundo, Calif., is recalling 10-ounce packages of “Frozen Pacific Fusion” brand tuna steaks which may cause food poisoning.

The recall is the result of a consumer complaint and FDA sampling that revealed the product has the potential to contain high levels of histamine, which can cause scombroid fish poisoning.

The recalled product was distributed in Northern California and offered for sale at Save Mart supermarkets and Lucky Stores from October 6, 2021 to December 27, 2021.

There are concerns that consumers will have the products at home, as the best buy date is not until July 2023.

The product was sold to consumers as 10-ounce frozen tuna steaks.

Tuna steaks sold individually would have been labeled with the following dates and production code:

  • Production date: July 2021

This information can be found on the packaging of the individual tuna steaks in the upper right corner:

Consumers concerned about whether the tuna steaks they purchased may be part of the recalled product should check with the store where they purchased the tuna. As of the date of this recall, Relish Foods does not believe that the affected products are still available for consumer purchase. Other than the initial complaint, Relish Foods has not received any other complaints to date.

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Dino S. Williams