Never Buy Steaks at Dollar Tree, Employees Warn Best Life

Dollar Tree offers shoppers a wide and affordable range of products, thanks to the bold business strategy of charging just one dollar for each item on the shelf. And with everything from everyday household products to basic groceries available, it can be hard to pass up purchases that look like a bargain while strolling down the aisles. But depending on who works at the store, you might want to keep one product out of your cart. Read on to see which item Dollar Tree employees say you should never buy from the store.

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It can be hard to pass up products that are usually out of your budget when you see them in Dollar Tree. But according to company employees, you might want to skip some items from the store’s frozen aisle the next time you’re shopping.

“I don’t eat any frozen fish or rib eye because I don’t trust frozen seafood or meat that costs a dollar,” Brenda, the manager of a Dollar Tree store in the Midwest, told Mental Floss.

Other employees share concerns about the quality of the product. “I would never buy the steak,” says Nate, a Dollar Tree manager in Minnesota. “I’ve heard from more than one person that he doesn’t cook [well] and it looks like rubber.”

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But just how bad could negotiating beef really be? To put the product to the test, local Cincinnati ABC affiliate WCPO held a taste test in 2016 with local firefighters pitting the $1 steak against rib eye steaks that cost $9 and $12 a book bought in other local supermarkets.

All the firefighters agreed the steaks from the supermarket tasted better, describing the Dollar Tree beef as “tender”, “very chewy” and “OK”. In what might be considered the most rave reviews, one said the $1 steak was “not that great”, while another concluded, “I guess it was meat “.

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Unsurprisingly, the problem with Dollar Tree’s steaks likely has to do with its quality. According Len Wheat, co-owner of Avril-Bleh Meat Market in Cincinnati, the $1 beef is what’s called a “utility” cut that’s typically used in institutional kitchens, well below the Choice and Prime quality steaks sold in grocery stores. supermarkets and butchers. “A lot of times what you’re dealing with, with utility deals, may be bulls or low-grade beef,” he told WCPO.

And in the end, you might not even get a good deal on beef at Dollar Tree. Since the 3.8-ounce cuts cost $1, their price per pound is $4.20, which puts them in the same range as supermarket steak when it’s on sale, the Tampa Bay Weather reports.

“People need to be aware and know the prices” Nan Jensena nutritionist with the Pinellas County Extension Office, told the newspaper in a 2013 interview. “The unit price [at a dollar store] maybe more than at Walmart.”

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However, just because frozen beef leaves something to be desired doesn’t mean there aren’t a lot of great buys in the bargain chain. “Items that my employees and I purchase from Dollar Tree for value would definitely be toilet paper, paper napkins, birthday cards, candy, balloons, plastic items, paper plates, envelopes , [stationery] products and the daily newspaper,” Brenda tells Mental Floss.

And it’s not just limited to inedible items. “I had the little pie slices, the sausage and pancake bites, and the Cinnabon bites are amazing,” says Brenda. “Frozen dinners are also good. People also like frozen vegetables and fruits.”

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