Modern Sushi Omakase at Bellwood | The Bellwood

You wouldn’t think that a kissaten-inspired cocktail bar would come up with some of the best sushi in town, but the Bellwood in Shibuya has always been full of surprises. Served in the Bellwood Lab – the bar’s private back room for experimental pop-ups – Bellsushi offers eight pieces of nigiri served with two cocktails for a reasonable price 6,050 (taxes included).

The experience is unconventional, but that’s not just because omakase sushi dinners in cocktail bars are unheard of in Tokyo. For one, the menu is designed by Bellwood Executive Chef Ayaka Terai, who stands out in a male-dominated industry where women are rarely seen behind a sushi counter. Plus, unlike the traditional nigiri chunks you’ll find at local sushi restaurants, Bellsushi offers an amalgamation of Japanese and international flavors with ingredients like coffee beans, tahini, olives, and even cheese.

It’s a feat purists like Jiro Ono wouldn’t care about, but Bellwood Executive Chef Ayaka Terai has essentially achieved what thousands of ambitious sushi chefs have failed to do by striking the perfect balance between classic and innovative, texture and flavor bags. .

Maguro tuna is topped with pickled carrots and crispy tempura batter like a banh mi-inspired nigiri, while shima aji is combined with jalapeño and tortilla chips for sushi reminiscent of Mexican cuisine. To accompany the courses, you are served a cocktail made with SG Mugi Shochu, fermented tea and sherry – a game on green tea par excellence offered in sushi restaurants. Along with that, you also get a shot-sized serving of a concoction drizzled with pink ginger to sip as a palate cleanser between sushi instead of gari (pickled ginger).

It’s the kind of dining experience that deserves its own venue, but since it’s a limited-time event, it’s best to book your reservation now (only available through DM Instagram) before it ends. If you’re looking to go all out, you can also upgrade your course to include 12 courses and a third cocktail for a total of 13,200.

Dino S. Williams