Mexican restaurant La Playa offers seafood dishes as well as Tex-Mex

A mix of classic Tex-Mex staples and seafood offerings make up the menu at La Playau2019.

Guests can dine or have a drink at the restaurant bar.[/caption]

Mexican restaurant La Playa has gained a loyal following for its weekly specials and seafood offerings. The local stop offers a clean, open space with a fresh, modern look and menu, owner Chris Bombarger said.

Guests will also often hear Bombarger mention that his queso is now a Georgetown staple. But he said it’s his attention to culinary trends that makes his menu unique..

“La Playa means ‘the beach’ in Spanish, so we offer traditional Tex-Mex dishes,” Bombarger said. “But we also have seafood components that are different from some restaurants.”

La Playa serves mango ceviche and fish poblano, choices not normally found on the menu at a Tex-Mex restaurant.

Bombarger said one of his most popular dishes is Enchiladas Tarascas, made with red onions, sautéed mushrooms and poblano cream sauce over chicken fajita enchiladas.

Over the past year, La Playa has also started offering a weekend brunch menu. It was a hit, he said, but the most popular special is still the Tuesday house margaritas for $2.22 from open to close.

Bombarger bought La Playa more than five years ago. He said he was previously owned by a family who operated him for about a year before moving to Colorado.

Bombarger said he enjoyed his continued success after a lucky relocation in November 2015.

La Playa moved from Williams Drive to its current location in a converted Albertsons grocery store. The new location is more open, has higher ceilings and allows La Playa to make better use of space, Bombarger said.

The city is blessed with an array of great local restaurants, Bombarger said, but he still encourages residents to keep shopping and eating local.

“It’s a lot harder for a local restaurant than a chain in this climate,” Bombarger said. “So I always say support the local guys. We live here, work here, and spend our money here, so we enjoy the camaraderie with other restaurants in Georgetown.

Dino S. Williams