Man goes out to buy cooking gas for steaks and comes home with Rs 80 Lakh lottery prize

Food cravings can leave you with a hefty restaurant bill, but for this American man, his steak craving landed him a $100,000 (Rs 80 lakh approx) lottery. William Jones, a North Carolina farmer, had gone to a local grocery store to get propane to cook steaks on the grill. Jones earlier today won a $500 prize on an Extreme Cash scratch ticket. So he decided to try his luck again and bought a mega cash receipt of 100 million dollars. And guess what? He got lucky twice that day. Jones ended up winning a $100,000 prize which he now wants to use to pay his wedding bills.

“I think I’ll go ahead and pay for our wedding,” UPI said.

However, this is not the first such incident of a surprise lottery winner. In a similar incident in southern Caalorina, a man won a prize of $2 million, or around Rs 15.5 crore, through a lottery ticket he bought while shopping at the ‘grocery. While the man initially had no intention of buying the lottery ticket, he spotted a Powerball ticket at the customer service counter and decided to get one.

The ticket had a prize of $1 million, but the man spent an extra dollar on the ticket price to perform the power play option, doubling his grand prize.

When the lucky numbers were announced the next day, he couldn’t believe his eyes after realizing he had matched all five numbers, edging his way to the big win.

In another incident, an American man ended up winning a $600,000 prize after going for his $600 prize. The Nort Calorina resident initially thought he had won a $6,000 lottery, but when he went to collect his prize, officials told him he had won the jackpot and was eligible to get $600,000.

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Dino S. Williams