Malaysian Actor Aeril Zafrel Says ‘Salt Bae’ Steaks Are Cheap, Ringgit Just Low (VIDEO)

Aeril says he and his wife Wawa were just trying to enjoy their vacation in Europe after being unable to travel for the past two years. — Photos via Instagram/ aeril_zafrel

By Priya Kulasagaran

Thursday 07 July 2022 15:20 MYT

PETALING JAYA, July 7 – Actor and cosmetics entrepreneur Aeril Zafrel is still on the fence about spending thousands of ringgits on a steak while vacationing in Europe with his wife Wawa Zainal.

“Actually the price is normal in the UK, but the lower value of our currency makes it expensive,” he said.

“For people in the UK, a £1,000 (RM5,291) steak is normal,” he told Cosmo online at the screening of his new film Musyrick last night.

The 32-year-old star caused a stir last month when he announced he paid over RM10,000 for a meal at fine dining restaurant Nusr-Et in London, UK.

Nusr-Et’s main draw is its famous Turkish butcher and chef Nusret Gökçe or “Salt Bae”, known for his “salt seasoning choreography” and flamboyant food preparation techniques.

Aeril said there were “additional charges” on his bill at Nusr-Et, including RM1,000 for “salt seasoning and meat cutting”.

The actor added that he was not trying to “show off” by sharing moments from his recent trip to Europe with his wife Wawa Zainal.

“We haven’t been able to travel abroad for two years, so we wanted to enjoy the holidays as best we could.

“Maybe it’s a problem because I’m a celebrity; it’s not that I want to show off, but I just want to capture those (holiday) moments on social media.

“Imagine if I lost my cell phone, I couldn’t get those memories back,” Aeril said.

malaysia quoted Aeril further on the cost of his vacation, saying the biggest expenses were due to last-minute travel plans.

“For example, in Switzerland, the cost of accommodation and transportation was RM40,000.

“We were shocked that the trip from the airport to our accommodation came to RM5,000; a lunch for seven was around RM1,000,” he said.

Dino S. Williams