Making Seafood Dishes More Accessible

King Dampa Express owner Simon Lim Jr.

DAMPA Express continues to live up to its name as the go-to place for affordable, quick and convenient a la carte seafood amid the current Coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19) pandemic.

Dampa Express owner King Simon Lim Jr. says customers don’t have to spend too much money on live seafood, worry about choosing the right shellfish or getting the weight of the crabs for their family, and waiting for their orders to be cooked.

Customers can visit any of their 30 branches, including those opening soon, and order from an exciting menu of family-sized seafood sets. However, they must make reservations if they plan to dine on Fridays and Sundays, as they might not find enough seats if they show up, Lim said.

If they are afraid to go out or travel, or if they are worried about catching COVID-19 in the wet markets for fresh seafood to cook at home, they can simply call the Dampa Express hotline or their message for home deliveries.

Dampa Express meals are priced and prepared for families and are known as the original home of seafood bilaos.

It offers bilao sets that can be made into a bilao killer except for sauce dishes, as well as alimango sa bilao that get from 50-100 orders on a typical day to 200-250 orders on a normal day. special occasions. Lobsters can be ordered in advance.

“If you’re curious about what makes our kitchen work, it’s really no secret as we only cook seafood the dampa way, and we don’t stock supplies,” said he said, adding that what is delivered today will be sold out by the end. of the day. “Everything is as fresh as possible.”

Lim makes it a point to source from his fellow Filipinos for everything they use and serve. “We are 100% Pinoy and want to give back to the community.”

He always buys all his vegetables from the street vegetable seller who sells on their street. “He used to push a cart. When he started supplying all the Dampa agencies, he was able to buy a pedicab and now he drives a car.

Lim does not cook or eat crabs, but he is called Mr. Alimango, Mr. Dampa, Crab King, or Dampa King because he successfully brought Dampa Express to communities and developed the concept of dampa.

To date, Dampa Express serves approximately 2,000 customers daily in all its agencies combined. Lim said they were able to open a private resort in Pampanga, with an image of a giant crab, the fruit of labor and the sale of crabs.

Lim thought he would lose everything because of the pandemic. Surprisingly, he said, sales grew exponentially with greater demand for deliveries. They have survived the group service by offering many variations.

He also credits much of that success on efficient and early deliveries. Exactly what the sensitive nature of seafood dishes needs and for that, he said, the food delivery service is a real game-changer.

“As long as there are orders and people want seafood, we don’t stop,” Lim noted.

For the full menu, reservation, delivery and more information, call +63 917 531 1703 and +632 7944 1036, or visit @dampaexpress.official on Instagram and Dampa Express on Facebook.

Dino S. Williams