I never pay full price for steaks at Walmart using a cheat but got slammed for stealing

A TIKTOKER has been slammed for theft after uploading a video of himself using a ‘cheater’ while buying steak at Walmart.

The viral TikTok video shows the man pulling a $12.30 price tag off a packet of steak, revealing the original price of $24.38.


Viral TikTok video shows creator peeling price sticker off Walmart steaks1 credit
The video implies that the creator changed the prices of two steaks to mark the meat at a lower price


The video implies that the creator changed the prices of two steaks to mark the meat at a lower price1 credit
The TikToker claims it tagged the steaks


The TikToker claims it tagged steaks as “cheap” at a local WalmartCredit: Getty

“I have to offset gas prices, you heard,” the user captioned the video.

The creator later wrote in a comments section that the steak was from Walmart.

The video implies that the user deliberately changed the labels to sell the meat at a lower price.

Customers are encouraged not to follow in the creator’s footsteps as it means theft on their part.

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The video, which has since amassed more than two million views, sparked a debate among fellow users accusing the man of theft.

One person commented, “This is theft. We’re suing for doing this.”

“It’s called a crime and people get arrested for it,” another person said.

Meanwhile, a third TikToker said his dad went to jail for doing a similar stunt, “My dad did this and went to jail lmaoo.”

A fourth person chimed in and slammed the creator, saying if he couldn’t “afford it, choose something else.”

“Can’t afford it, eat something else!” user commented.

Nonetheless, some commentators applauded Rassavong’s “cheating”, saying they did the same.

“When I worked at a grocery store, I went to the deli to print out .23 cent stickers and put them on the meat I wanted to buy,” one user wrote.

A second commenter wrote: “me and my sister stay doing this 😭.”

“Why are you showing our tactics smh,” another user wrote.


In a statement to The US Sun, the content creator insisted the video was uploaded as a joke, adding that he does not in any way encourage prize trading or theft.

“I chose to upload it because I thought it would be funny, nothing else. I do not condone price trading or any form of theft in any way,” the creator said.

The man said he didn’t expect the video to go viral, revealing he had in fact bought the steak at full price.

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“I didn’t do a price exchange in the store. I had another steak that I had already bought before that day. I bought the steak full price first, went back to home, then I put the other sticker on,” the TikToker said.

Walmart did not immediately respond to a request for comment from the US Sun.

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