Holland America presents wild Alaskan seafood dishes by Ethan Stowell

This took place Wednesday at an event in Juneau inaugurating the line’s ASMI partnership which is committed to serving sustainably sourced Alaskan seafood on all six HAL ships in Alaska this summer. ASMI is a public-private partnership between Alaska and the state’s seafood industry created to foster the economic development of this renewable natural resource.

The event took place at Twisted Fish Co. before moving aboard Nieuw Amsterdam for dinner at the Pinnacle Grill specialty restaurant. In addition to Stowell, attendees included Dan Rough, vice president of revenue management, board member of HAL and the Alaska Travel Industry Association; ASMI Executive Director Jeremy Woodrow, Alaska Senator Jesse Kiehl, Alaska Representative Sara Hannan and Alaska Commercial Fisheries representatives and local leaders.

“We’ve been sharing the thrill of Alaska with our guests for 75 years, longer than any other cruise line,” Rough said. “Protecting and enhancing this heritage is a matter of commitment and pride. The Alaskan seafood industry’s long-standing commitment to wild-caught seafood is entirely in line with our own sustainability efforts, as well as our responsibility to the planet and its people.

Cod sandwich, salmon cutlet, halibut

Stowell’s new creations will be showcased in the dining room of all six Alaska ships. Choices include an Alaskan fried cod sandwich with malt vinegar aioli and savoy coleslaw; Alaskan salmon chop with cucumber, tomato, avocado, bacon and green beans; and roasted fennel-crusted Alaskan halibut with artichokes and Taggiasca olives.


Holland America Line chefs prepare a number of Alaskan seafood dishes on every cruise

These add to several Alaskan seafood dishes already on menus across the ships.

In addition to Stowell’s new recipes, future programming under HAL’s “Alaska Up Close” initiative will include other new recipes, destination and cooking demonstration videos, and seafood trivia from Alaska.

Over 5,000 pounds of wild Alaskan seafood per cruise

HAL serves over 5,000 pounds of wild Alaskan seafood per cruise, including over 2,000 pounds of salmon, over 1,000 pounds of cod, over 800 pounds of halibut, over 500 pounds of redfish, 400 pounds of plaice, 200 pounds of black cod (also known as sablefish), and over 400 pounds of pollock.

Dino S. Williams