Here’s where you can find 24k gold leaf desserts and steaks in KL in 2022

Stay golden as we explore the city’s well-known eateries for edible gold leaf desserts and steaks.

Call it a touch of luxury; edible gold is a delicious decorative application on sweet and savory treats. Opulent gold leaf is crafted from 24k gold while appearing in two forms: loose leaf and transfer leaf. Generally, a loose sheet is best used for small confections, while a transfer sheet is what chefs would apply to cover a larger area, such as a cake or an entire steak.

Edible gold flakes are quite common on both sweet and savory dishes these days. According to KamiKoto, using edible gold in food is a thousands of years old practice to honor the gods, boost vitality and show off one’s wealth. Today, these sparkling finishes have evolved into a touch of decadence where you can find them incorporated into a variety of dishes from fine dining to fast food. Experience it yourself by visiting these restaurants and dessert eateries in KL.

Here is a list of restaurants serving gold leaf desserts and steaks in KL in 2022:

park grill

Located in the Naza Tower, Park Grill is famous for its continental cuisine, but the unique Golden Tomahawk steals the show. Available for pre-order, this decadent steak is seasoned and cooked to perfection on a Josper grill. It is then coated in wagyu beef fat before being garnished with white winter truffles and caviar. It’s a real treat to share with your loved ones.

Whole French cuisine

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Famous for its unique yet authentic French cuisine, Entier French Dining is also recognized for its nose-to-tail culinary approach. Located in Alila Bangsar, the restaurant serves dishes featuring animal parts, plant ingredients or served as a whole. Pass by and order the Crab & Rice which includes Japanese snow crab cooked with Japanese rice in a crab bisque topped with crab miso, salmon roe, caviar and truffle while garnishing it with leaves of 24 carat gold.

Chocolate Truffle Malaysia

Image credit: Instagram/@trufflechocolatemalaysia

There’s a new dessert restaurant in town, and it’s definitely worth a visit. Truffle Chocolate Malaysia is located on Jalan Kampung Pandan and specializes in creamy artisan chocolates. Handcrafted with carefully selected premium Italian truffles and 80% local dark chocolate cocoa, these truffles are then coated in edible 24k gold leaf. The brand’s creations include Truffle Nama Chocolates and Truffle Nama Chocolates with Macadamia for a bit of crunch.


Image credit: Instagram/@hziq.jpg

Homegrown brand and Malaysia’s first original chimney cake maker, Rollney is picking up the slack with their delicious treats. Traditionally called Kurtoskalacs, the cylinder-shaped sweet bread originated in Hungary and is recognized as a popular street food. Rollney combines sweet, chewy bread with soft serve ice cream for a savory twist in Malaysia. The menu includes original cinnamon, chocolate, peanut and almond Nutella. For a hassle-free snack, Kurtos fries are also worth ordering. The icing on the cake is the 24 carat gold cone. This soft serve ice cream is dipped in golden pearls and beautifully wrapped in edible gold foil while covering it with a generous amount of golden dust.

Discover the menu here.


Hero image credit: Unsplash/Universal Eye; Featured Image Credit: Instagram/@hziq.jpg

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