GoFish serves seafood specialties in Bogota

Jhe co-owner of GoFish in Bogota, Mark Jeffries, has used the challenges of COVID to pursue his dreams. After being laid off from his job of over 20 years in corporate America, he decided to open a restaurant. Today, it serves upscale Bergen County artisanal seafood dishes, including original creations and revisited classics.

“Cooking is something I’ve always loved, so I decided to give it a go,” says Mark. Jeffries co-owns the place with Geisi Segura, a chef with 20 years of experience in the industry. “We’re two local guys who chased our dream,” says Mark (both are residents of Bergen County).

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Revisited seafood

GoFish is a 750 square foot restaurant, but Mark hopes to expand the space soon to offer table service. They chose Bogota as the location because “there are no other seafood restaurants here”, according to Mark. But even non-seafood lovers will find something on the menu, including double burgers and jalapeno pasta. Likewise, vegetarians can order the Caesar Salad with Shrimp or the Vegetable Broth.

Sauces, marinades and more are all homemade at GoFish. The prawn burger is a fan favorite, using hand-chopped prawns tossed with herbs and formed into a patty. It is then topped with lettuce, tomatoes, red onions and their homemade lemon and dill mayonnaise and served on a brioche bun. “It has a unique flavor and people have never heard of this kind of burger,” Mark says.

Other popular items include the Salmon Burger and Sugar Cane Shrimp, as well as the City Island Basket; the latter is made up of tempura breaded tiger prawns and fried whiting. They also serve chicken wings with three homemade sauce options to choose from.

Extracurricular specials

GoFish even caters to kids walking home from nearby schools. In fact, they serve “after school specials” such as chicken fingers, chicken BLT, and burgers, all served with fries. “I try to please everyone,” says Mark.

Seafood Paella

You’ll find GoFish at 64 West Main St in Bogota. Look them up online to learn more.

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GoFish FAQs

Do you accept reservations?

No, they do not accept reservations.

Are there gluten free options?

No, they do not offer gluten free options.

Are there vegetarian options?

Yes, there are vegetarian options.

Do you offer takeaway meals?

Yes, they offer takeout.

Can you offer delivery?

GoFish offers in-house and third-party app delivery.

Do you have a liquor license?

No, they do not serve alcohol.

Is there a children’s menu?

Yes, they have a children’s menu.

All photos: © GoFish

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