Gabarellys Stockton Steaks Stockton Steaks celebrates its 2nd anniversary

Stockton, New Jersey – Gabarelly’s Stockton Steaks is celebrating the second anniversary of the company’s namesake, chef/owner Brian Held and daughter of Judith Francois Gabrielle, with $2 milkshakes and hot chocolates all day Wednesday, March 9. And “Gabby” decided that 100% of all money raised for a milkshake and hot chocolate sale that day would be donated to Alex’s Lemonade Stand for Childhood Cancer Foundation.

“There is perhaps nothing more satisfying for children than ice cream,” said Judith François, who welcomed Gabrielle in 2020. “We want everyone to be able to celebrate and enjoy themselves in honor from Gabby while supporting Alex’s Lemonade Stand which is an amazing charity that does amazing work We also wanted to give everyone a hot drink option as the weather can still be very cold in March so we included our hot chocolate in this celebration.

The 10-ounce shakes are available in vanilla, chocolate, and dark-and-white options, plus three new flavors: Nutella, Peanut Butter, and Cookies & Cream.

“The company name Gabarelly comes from the classic Disney movie Cinderella when the mice sing ‘Cinderella Cinderella’,” Francois said. Brian then changed the words to ‘Gabarelly Gabarelly’ while singing along with Gabby, and loved saying it so much. that he decided to use the nickname as the name of the new restaurant.

Inside Gabarelly’s on March 9, guests will be encouraged to sign a giant birthday card for Gabby and leave their Instagram to handle so the toddler can send thank you notes to those who came to wish her a happy birthday while devouring cheesesteaks and milkshakes and supporting the initiative.

Alex’s Lemonade Stand Foundation is an American pediatric cancer charity founded by Alexandra “Alex” Scott, who has neuroblastoma. To learn more, please visit

Gabarelly’s Stockton Steaks, located at 18 Bridge Street in Stockton, NJ, opened in September 2021. It is the third culinary venture in the area for Chef Held, who also owns Hamilton’s Grill Room and Brian’s in Lambertville. Named after Brian and Judith’s one-year-old daughter, Gabrielle, the retro roadside restaurant specializes in cheesesteaks loaded with hand-sliced ​​rib eye steak, as well as hand-cut fries. hand, onion rings, wings, sliders, milkshakes, etc.

Dino S. Williams