Fort Kochi’s new restaurant serves great seafood dishes like grilled lobster

Fort Kochi is so overloaded with fancy cafes that it’s actually a pain to spot a decent stand-alone restaurant. I hadn’t noticed this fact until an excited friend pointed me out to the month old Malabar Grill near the Kokers Theater in Amaravathi.

As we return to try what’s exceptional at the spacious 140-seat outlet, we discover that the name is quite misleading. “Kochi is a tourist hotspot, but its people love to eat out. Our menu has been designed with everyone in mind, with inspiration drawn from cuisines around the world,” says Chef Abdul Jalal.

Effectively, the map is divided into different sections, each featuring cuisines and dishes like Arabia crazyItalian and Malabari penne pasta neychoru.

Within the homeland
We settle into the warmly decorated shop as the chef begins to serve up his magic with a seafood soup.

“The idea is to use local and fresh ingredients, especially seafood, with preparation styles inspired by other cuisines. We have also included naadan delicacies like mean mole“, confides the fifty-year-old.

As the conversation continues we realize he is no ‘little fish’ as ​​he moved back to Kerala after leaving the position of Executive Chef of properties like Ramada (Goa) to be with his family.

His 30 years of experience in the industry are reflected in the presentation of the next dish; a shrimp cocktail creatively served in a coconut shell. Slightly sour from cocktail sauce, this boiled shrimp recipe, loaded with veggies and thickened with tender coconut, is a whole new experience.

Seafood overload

To anyone who loves surf and turf, I would definitely suggest their Seafood Salad. Rightly spicy, this one is a crispy assortment of crab, squid, clams and fish, tossed with colorful peppers. , iceberg lettuce and lemon vinaigrette.

After consuming enough sea elements for a week, we decide to explore their other options. A dish that catches our attention is the stroganoffa Russian dish with stir-fried beef mixed with mushrooms, demi-glace sauce and sour cream.

On the slightly salty side, the dish softens its flavors when paired with buttered rice. “We also have a banquet hall that can accommodate over 500 people,” Abdul informs, as we try the crème caramel which has a silky texture and just the right amount of sweetness.

Meal for two from 500
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Dino S. Williams