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It’s a misconception that we can’t have access to fresh seafood here in the landlocked Midwest.

Locally we can get catfish, trout, and now shrimp grown in Oak Grove, Missouri. And fish wholesalers bring seafood from distant oceans to KC.

“Somewhere between what we can get locally and what we can bring in, we have a great seafood selection in Kansas City,” food critic Jenny Vergara told guest host Brian Ellison on KCUR. Central standard.

Vergara, along with food critics Mary Bloch and Charles Ferruzza, discovered the best seafood dishes in Kansas City.

Here are their recommendations:

Mary Block, around the block:

  • Blvd Tavern — octopus. Currently served with bravas potatoes, green olives and marinated celery.
  • Extra virgin — octopus.
  • History — octopus, ceviche. Story’s ceviche is a cult favorite; it’s always on the menu. It is made with fluke, apple, tomatillo, jalapenos and lime.
  • Roman — octopus, ceviche. Novel’s ceviche always varies a bit, but the hamachi crudo is topped with yellow watermelon, jalapeno, and yogurt.
  • Barbon and Rye – shrimp and grits. Love the sauce; it’s more of a red eye with a kick.
  • Happy Gillis – crab roll. Comes with pickled peppers.
  • Café Sébastien — fish tacos. Served with Rancho Gordo beans.
  • Jarocho Pescados y Mariscos—ceviche. I love the scallop ceviche with lime, cucumber, onions and cilantro on a fried tostada (it can also be served in a cocktail glass).
  • Carmen’s Café—Fettuccine al Diablo. Shrimps, mussels, clams and calamari in a spicy tomato sauce.
  • JJ’s Restaurant — tuna appetizer. Seared rare ahi tuna, thinly sliced, served with JJ’s teriyaki, house pickled ginger, wasabi, fennel and apple salad in a yuzu vinaigrette.

Jenny Vergara, party magazine:

  • Voltaire – Spanish octopus dish. It’s a big roasted tentacle cooked with chorizo, roasted poblano, Calabrian olives, purple potatoes, curly endive and a sherry mezcal vinegar.
  • Jarocho — omakase menu (chef’s choice). It’s by reservation only and starting at $65 per person. Come hungry and put yourself in the hands of the chef to taste some of the best and most creative seafood in town right now.
  • Krokstrom Klubb – smoked trout potato cake. Available on the brunch menu, it features their Goat Cheese Potato Galette with smoked trout and sunny side up egg. It’s creamy and rich.
  • Red Snapper – crispy whole red snapper. It is the namesake dish of this restaurant; it is served with white rice and sautéed vegetables in a garlic sauce. Plenty for two people.
  • Berbiglia’s Roost – fried jumbo prawns. You get seven crispy golden fried shrimp served with coleslaw and cocktail sauce and your choice of side, which includes hand-cut seasoned fries.
  • Happy Gillis – crab roll. Made with chunk crab, pickled peppers and arugula on a buttery toasted bun. This is simply one of the most satisfying “seafood” roll experiences in Kansas City.
  • Meshuggah Bagels — pastrami salmon, whitefish salad.
  • Rockhill Grille – calamari steak appetizer. Thick calamari steaks are breaded, fried and browned and served with parmesan aioli, tomato jam and aged balsamic vinegar.
  • The Burger Stand at the Casbah — catfish po boy. Moist and crispy with a Creole cabbage salad. Mouth watering.

On my list to try next:

  • Journeyman Cafe — oven-roasted salmon. Served with cucumber, red onion, farro tabbouleh, grapefruit, radish and citrus yogurt on their dinner menu.

Charles Ferruzza, The Independent and Shawnee Mission Post:

  • Jax Fish House & Oyster Bar — lobster roll. It’s just an old-fashioned presentation: lobster with just a tiny bit of mayonnaise on a simple buttered bun. Delicious and full of flavor.
  • Bristol Seafood Grills. The cuisine there is amazing. These famous cookies, on the other hand, are perhaps the most overrated bread product served in town.
  • Jarocho. Chef Carlos Falcon does an impressive job in his small kitchen. It has become a real place to see and be seen over the past few years.

Jen Chen is an associate producer for KCUR’s Central Standard. Contact her at [email protected]

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