Fleming’s Filets of Fall: Three Steaks to the Win: This Estate steakhouse sizzles with tasty satisfaction – Food

We recently told you about this new mural of a guitar glorifying Texas on the roof of a building in Domain NORTHSIDE.

Yes, mmmmmmmm, and that’s right a of these three: The Filet Mignon with Robert Sauce at Fleming’s Steakhouse…

During which report we were reminded that, hey, you know, there is a difference between the NORTHSIDE Estate and the Estate. They are two different names and they are two separate entities, although both are in the same general area and both are packed with a variety of high-end retail stores for citizens’ shopping and dining enjoyment.

There is also, of course, a difference between the interior of a building and the exterior of a building.

The building surmounted by the colorful mural also houses Perry’s Steakhouse. And as good as the mural is, we suggest the interior of his building is even better – certainly when it comes to food, right? Because we ate at Perry’s on the NORTHSIDE estate and we can tell they are admired for reasons other than their famous Friday Pork Chop.

But we’re not talking about Perry right now.

Because there is another one steakhouse in the area – at the Domain, right next to it, see? – and this is the place we’re talking about: Fleming’s Prime Steakhouse & Wine Bar.

We’re talking about them because Fleming’s has launched its annual Filets of Fall promotion and, boy, if you like a good filet mignon and sides in an elegant setting, you’ll want to dive your choppers into this offer – maybe even the do only a few times before the promotion ends on November 22.

Well, “sink your helicopters” might be a bit too harsh a phrase. It’s more what a Neanderthal man would have done with a piece of meat, back in the cave days. But no Neanderthal has – as far as science has been able to determine – ever been blessed with a cut of beef like the tenderloins available at Fleming’s, nor cooked to perfection by the likes of Kris Chavez at Fleming at the Domaine, because those the fillets are so tender you don’t need a wren choppers, all you need is the teeth, and listen: your teeth will fall in love with the deliciously prepared meat before your palate will.

And that’s exactly what your palate will do: fall in love with the nets of autumn. Because these fillets come in three distinct styles, and what better than a choice of equally impressive possibilities? We mean every meal starts with a harvest salad – arugula, romaine lettuce, roasted pistachios, herbed goat cheese, crispy prosciutto, pickled onions, dates and fig vinaigrette – this, just a little bigger, would almost be a meal in itself. And each meal ends with a dessert of Sticky date pudding – a spice cake, topped with warm caramel, served with honeycomb crisp and whipped cream – it’s so delicious, if Ben & Jerry’s ever made it an ice cream flavor, the whole planet would probably be instantly saved. Or at least more socially responsible.

And between this green entrance and the sweet terminus, ahhhhhhh: Do you want your filet mignon with Korean Beef Bulgogi (including creamy parmesan risotto with homemade Korean chili sauce, topped with marinated tenderloin and pickled vegetables) … or with SauceRobert (accompanied with sautéed spinach and garlic, topped with crispy sweet potato hay)…or maybe you prefer the surf and turfish fillet topped with Crab stuffed shrimp (topped with roasted red pepper and lime butter sauce) ?

[Bonus: There’s even a plant-forward option of Bulgogi Marinated Mushrooms & Onions – with creamy parmesan risotto with roasted cauliflower and housemade Korean chili sauce, topped with pickled vegetables.]

Now, personally, we think Crab-Stuffed Shrimp Fillet is a bit what our grandfather would call a vulgar exaggeration. Especially because there are already a sumptuous sizzling net just below, can’t they just skip the crab and let a shrimp be a damn shrimp? Perhaps Fleming is trying to infuse our vibrant, protean language with a new metaphor: instead of saying ‘gild the lily’, as Shakespeare sort of did, we could start saying ‘stuff the prawns with crab”…?

But that’s a small quibble, isn’t it? And probably a decision that came from, you know, Corporate – so don’t blame Chief Kris.

But then. You’re at Fleming’s Steakhouse, in their elegantly appointed location on the estate, a block from this ice cream museum that draws Instagram’s foodie crowds; and Fleming’s manager, steven kluber, is there, on the ground, making sure that everything goes well; and you’re feasting like royalty (even though these fall specials are only about $60 each) on a succulent cut of beef. At this point, you might want, what, wine to accompany this meal? Of course you do. And Fleming knows it. That’s why they have their Uncorked wine program to go with those fall trickles…

But that, ah, that’s a story for another time.

Dino S. Williams