Emprendedor offers the best fish and seafood dishes in Comas

For 16 years, the restaurant ‘Delicias del Mar’ has satisfied the most demanding palates of the inhabitants of Comas. Her owner Heber Nuñez Cabrera (45) says her success is due to his perseverance and dedication.

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I started this business with my wife, Clarivel Zegarra, together we run it day by day. I even took fish and shellfish lessons to improve my preparations and satisfy my customers.“, he details proudly.

this place It is characterized by its good attention, its variety of dishes and above all by the freshness of its ingredients. The most requested dishes are the different types of cebiche, seafood rice, jelly and sweat. Now they are innovating with other recipes such as churrasco fettuccini, grilled chicken and fried fish.

Our tracked cause is also much sought after. It’s made with yellow potatoes and fresh yellow peppers, it’s stuffed with shrimp, and it’s topped with a good helping of ceviche. It’s a delight“, he rocks.

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‘Delicias del Mar’ is open Monday to Sunday from 9:00 a.m. to 9:00 p.m. They are located at 1342 Metropolitan Avenue, Comas (back of UCV). Make a delivery service at 981 139 652 and reach all the north of Lima. Find him on Facebook under: @cevdeliciasdelmardelgorditoheber.

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Hectitor’s del Norte offers 12 types of cachanga fillings. (Photo: Trome)

For 17 years the brothers Salatiel and Óscar Burga started their business of cachangas and stuffed shampoos, under the name of Hectitor’s del Norte, in Los Olivos.

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We are from Chiclayo and when we arrived in Lima we realized that they did not sell these products that my parents offered in the north. My brother and I decided to start a business and we were very well received because we keep the original recipe“, they remember proudly.

Thanks to their seasoning, they managed to have 14 small stores in various areas of Lima, mainly in the north, but due to the pandemic they had to close some of them and they only kept three.

The pandemic has hit us, but thanks to the loyalty of our customers we are getting back on track. We have only stayed at the premises of Comas, Los Olivos and Cercado de Lima“, they count.

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Northern Hector offers 12 types of toppings in its cachangas. The most popular cachangas are Cajamarquino cheese, Lomo saltado, Italian and Oriental. The latter has broccoli, chunked chicken, yellow pepper, and bell pepper.

They provide a delivery service throughout the north of Lima through Orders Now and their social networks Facebook, Instagram and TikTok.

Dino S. Williams