Economy steaks, wagyu beef cubes

For chic yet affordable nights out, try this urban steakhouse at Cebu Business Park!

CEBU, Philippines – If you’ve been to Cebu’s business park, you’ve probably heard of a busy restaurant that serves the most affordable rib eye and Wagyu beef cubes on Acacia Street – Vicio.

Vicio comes from the Filipino word Bisyo or vice. This term also represents the central point of what the steakhouse wants to represent: “The ultimate vice of food”.

“When we created Vicio, it was still 2018, but back then we couldn’t come up with a recipe or menu that would stand out,” Vicio co-owner Rhea Jenn told Rappler.

According to Jenn, the owners finally managed to establish a brick and mortar in early 2021, but doubted they could make ends meet with high rental costs. That was until they decided to get “creative” with their menu.

“We noticed that the usual price of steaks here in Cebu was very expensive and could only be eaten on special occasions. So we thought why not make a budget steak,” she said.

It eventually brought more guests to the place, the owners said, ranging from friends getting together for a few drinks and families having a nice lunch alfresco to couples celebrating their first anniversary and even those proposing to their loved ones.

“We want to give people the chance to try. We want to be remembered for our steaks you can eat every day kay kaya ra man sa budget (because it fits the budget),” Jenn added.

BEGINNINGS. Co-owners Rhea Jenn (left) and April Awa (right) originally established the restaurant in a neighborhood in Barangay Maguikay, Mandaue City, but closed it due to the pandemic. Photo by John Sichon

Their premium steaks are of course worth every penny, coming straight from Australian grass-fed cattle. The steaks are always served with a good amount of Java rice and mixed vegetables.

The best part is the experience. The staff will bring you your meal and serve you the delicious Vicio signature sauce “à la Aristocrat”.

A favorite among many Vicio customers is the Sizzling Super Steak Meal, priced at P410. Customers who order it can choose between 400 grams of T-bone or sirloin steak. It is always served with three pieces of wagyu cubes.

GREAT STEAK. Jenn told Rappler that Vicio often encounters guests willing to park and wait along Acacia Street just to try the premium steaks and the Super Steak meal. (Photo by John Sitchon)

There is also an authentic Japanese Wagyu Cubes Meal, priced at P310, which serves eight pieces of wagyu cubes. The owners have noted that this is an ideal meal for children and the elderly who might prefer milder bites.

WAGYU BEEF. Vicio serves authentic Japanese wagyu beef cubes cooked to perfection. (Photo by John Sitchon)

Customers can also order other varieties of meat like Hungarian Sausage Meal, Pork Belly Meal and T-Bone/Porterhouse Meal for P199 each. They also serve Sizzling Sisig, which is great for barkada gatherings, for P210.

SISIG. Many barkadas come to Vicio to order the Sizzling Sisig and accompany it with a bucket of beer, worth P399. (Photo by John Sitchon)

But that’s not all! If you love coffee, there’s the Coffee Cloud, which is a delicious hot brew topped with a hanging cotton candy stick. You can get it with churros for P159.

COFFEE CLOUD. Floating cotton candy is meant to appear like a cloud. (Photo by John Sitchon)

For dessert, you can try the Sizzling Ciasto – a freshly baked chocolate cake served with a big scoop of vanilla ice cream and melted chocolate – for P169.

CAKE. Ciasto is the Polish word for cake. (Photo by John Sitchon)

You can also buy frozen meat directly from Vicio.

Vicio’s branch on Acacia Street, Cebu City is open from 11 a.m. to 11 p.m. They are about to open a new branch in the Bonifacio area along F. Cabahug Street in Cebu City.

If you would like to reserve a seat or order a meal, you can message them on the official Vicio Facebook page or call 0948 983 5111. –

Dino S. Williams