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Who doesn’t like fish and chips? Or salmon?

And now is the perfect time to go fishing at Daphne’s, the quick and casual Mediterranean restaurant located on Foothill in East Pasadena, which has launched two limited-time seafood dishes.

The new offerings – wild-caught Alaskan salmon and breaded white fish – will be available through July 5 at all Daphne’s restaurants across California.

We visited the place this week and focused on deciding which dish to order, there was only one of me present.

Service manager Gilmer Gonzales scoffed at my dilemma, saying, “Take both. We’re just finishing them for you now.

Five minutes later, I was on my way to my car, with the smell of salmon and white fish pushing the accelerator home. (There are a limited number of meals inside Daphne, but a large patio for dining with your friend, Al Fresco.)

When I got home, I did my “who’s first?” Simply reached into the bag, happy to consume the item on top. It would be the salmon.

Daphne’s Salmon Platter features a wild-caught Alaskan salmon fillet marinated in a chermoula sauce with lemon and spices, served on a bed of basmati rice and roasted vegetables with hot pita and grilled lemon on the side. side.

You are already hungry, aren’t you?

This dish is easily as good as food served on thin cutlery with even thinner stemmed glasses. The salmon is perfectly cooked, and the chermoula, subtle and always tasty.

The Fish and Chips Plate is a Mediterranean-inspired take on the UK’s favorite dish and features deep fried breaded white fish, served with fries, house salad, lemon tahini vinaigrette and fresh lemon on the side. Unlike the typical fish and chips you find in stalls and pubs all over the UK, this batter is lightly handled, unlike the weave you can sometimes find with a British accent.

The Fish and Chips waited until dinner, which was shorter than expected. (I get hungry quickly.) Entered the toaster oven (a microwave would just be wrong), the fries were again slightly crispy and the fish was piping hot, steam emerging from the tiny cracks in the light crust. .

Again, different from the traditional British treatment, but just as rewarding.

Both dishes are affordable, generously portioned, and are a healthier step up from a regular breakfast diet of burgers and fries. A salad can be fries, if you think they are.

Daphne’s California Greek is located at 3573 East Foothill Blvd, Pasadena CA (626) 351-5005. Order online | Order the restoration online by clicking here.

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