Charleys Philly Steaks eliminates deli sandwiches

Charleys Philly Steaks, parent company of Charleys Cheesesteaks and Charleys Philly Steak and Wings, has streamlined both brands’ menus, removing their deli sandwiches to focus on their core product, the Columbus, Ohio-based company said Thursday.

Charleys Philly Steak and Wings will still serve chicken wings and ice cream, the company confirmed.

In an email announcing the menu change, chief marketing officer Jason Whitt said that when tested at more than 30 restaurants across the 700+ restaurant system, the simplified menu resulted in a 5% increase in sales. at comparable stores.

“Some of the improvement focused on our base cheesesteaks, but we also made it easier to customize their cheesesteak with add-ons like bacon, jalapeños, extra cheese, etc.,” said he declared. “And we’ve also launched a new children’s meal as part of the trial.”

This kids’ menu, being rolled out systemwide, includes smaller-sized “Lil’ Cali Cheesesteak” options with steaks or chicken tenderloins, as well as a chicken fingers meal with small fries, a children’s drink and two Oreo cookies for dessert, except at Charleys Philly Steaks and Wings, which will instead offer a meal of four-piece boneless wings with fries, drink and choice of an ice cream cone or two Oreos.

The change comes as many restaurants have decided to simplify their operations in the face of labor shortages, rising cost of goods and supply chain challenges, which further complicate the already difficult task of run profitable businesses.

The company has recently emphasized its core element with the launch of its Old School Cheesesteakfeaturing a double serving of seasoned steak and sautéed onions on a toasted bun with Cheez Whiz, starting at $7.79 for a small.

Charleys Philly Steaks was founded in 1986 when founder Charley Shin started selling cheesesteaks at the age of 22 at Ohio State University in Columbus. Besides its cheesesteak concepts, its umbrella company Gosh Enterprises also operates Bibibop Asian Grill and Lenny’s Grill & Subs.

There are currently 576 Charleys Philly Steaks locations and 140 Charleys Philly Steaks and Wings units.

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