Apollo’s steaks double down on Newnan

Apollo King-El Jr.Atlanta barber turned restaurateur from Philadelphia, fall 2022 will open a new and improved Apollo Steaks in Newman. Scheduled for its debut in october or novemberApollo’s Steaks will open at 33 E Broad St., a stone’s throw from the existing location at 45 Robinson Street, says King-El Jr. And now Atlanta.

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After opening the original Apollo “in the midst of the pandemic to great success, I am now opening a larger version incorporating beer and wine (something like Fellini’s Pizza), but cheesesteaks instead,” a said King-El Jr. “It’s something I always expected as a barber and now it’s happening step by step.”

Located in the plaza, the new location will feel less casual like the existing location, and more like a full-service restaurant, according to King-El Jr. who compared the difference using Subway and Applebee as examples, respectively.

In addition to its cheesesteaks, Apollo’s serves seafood — catfish, flounder, jumbo shrimp — and sides like mac and cheese and collard greens. King-El Jr. plans to add a full bar in the restaurant’s second year. “We’re going to be the perfect lunch spot in downtown Newnan.”

Cheesesteaks are nothing new to King-El Jr. In addition to being a native of Philadelphia, the restaurateur opened the Philly Shack in Atlanta in 1999.

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Dino S. Williams