All sizzle, no steaks: Is this Park Slope butcher shop closed or not?

PARK SLOPE, BROOKLYN — A recently reopened butcher shop appears to have pulled out of Park Slope for good — or so many of its neighbors believe.

Empty shelves inside Fleishers, a sustainable butcher, as well as a ‘permanently closed’ listing on Google, have sparked speculation the shop is kaput just weeks after returning to Fifth Avenue.

Neighbors, after seeing the shelves and the sign, took to a local Facebook group to comment on the potential permanent closure, with many noting that the shelves had been empty for more than a week.

Amidst all the speculation, the store owners remained silent. They have not responded to Patch’s multiple requests for comment on the status of his Park Slope outpost at the time of this article’s publication.

Fleishers also went silent on social media for more than a week – a break from his usual multiple weekly posts about sausage deals and sandwiches.

After stopping by the store on Tuesday afternoon — a day when the butcher shop is usually closed, according to the website — a Patch reporter also saw empty shelves on the side of the store facing customers.

The part of the store where meat is handled, however, was still littered with items like jars of tomato sauce and bottles of ketchup, Patch saw.

If the store is permanently closed, it comes after a turbulent year for the store.

Store owners reopened their Park Slope outpost in March for the first time in about eight months, following an employee walkout following the removal of signs supporting the Black Lives Matter and LGBTQ movements.

The reopening marked the return of Fleishers to the area, where it has three other stores, the company said at the time.

Fleishers’ outposts outside of Brooklyn — one on the Upper East Side and two in Connecticut — are still listed as “temporarily closed” but “opening soon” on the butcher’s website.

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Dino S. Williams