A man launches Turkey’s famous Adana Kebab into space

The man throws a kebab into space. (Image: Twitter/@fromadic92)

The space launch took place in the province of Adana in Turkey. This place is known for its very famous kebab pipes.

In a very unusual development, a kebab shop owner from Turkey has launched his famous pipe kabab into space. Chef Yaşar Aydın and Idris Albayrak, who happens to be a space engineering student, attached a kabab pipe to a helium balloon and then launched it into space. The launch took place in the province of Adana in Turkey. This place is known for its very famous kebab pipes. Yasar Aydin, in an interview with the Demiroren news agency, said: “I am happy to promote our city and our cuisine. I am a man who likes to do firsts. The launch took place on the International Day of Human Space Flight. It was then that Soviet cosmonaut Yuri Gagarin became the first person to orbit the Earth on April 12, 1961.

Albayrak was the only one who understood that it wouldn’t take a spaceship to send a kebab into space. According to him, a heat-resistant polystyrene box would do the trick. With his team of 30 people, he designed the box for the space kebab. The whole process was recorded using a camera.

The box that was made helped protect the dish from extreme temperatures. It was also tied to a powerful weatherproof helium balloon before being launched into the sky. “And we flew the “pipe kebab” into space, the balloon exploded at an altitude of about 40 kilometers (in the stratosphere layer) and fell into the sea in Hatay Dörtyol. With the help of the device of scouting on the kebab, we managed to find our kebab in the open sea. We achieved a world first. Of course, the mark of the firsts”, we read in caption of the video.

However, Aydin was not disappointed when the kebab fell into the Mediterranean Sea and is very determined to feed the space creatures with his kebab in the future. “I think the aliens sent it back because it had too much pepper. I will send a dish with less pepper next time,” he joked, speaking to Demiroren news agency. .

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Dino S. Williams