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Setting up the backyard barbecue requires two things: the right grill and the perfect steak. Of course, one is more important than the other. You could probably get away with a grill over a fire pit to cook your meat if you know what you’re doing. However, if you don’t get the steak right in the first place, it’s nearly impossible to impress anyone. So we’ve selected some of the best butchers and meat purveyors in the country who are sourcing their beef at the height of this year’s grilling season. So check out our recommendations, grab one of our favorite wines to pair with a backyard barbecue, and treat yourself to exceptional beef delivered right to your door.

Holy Grail Upper Prime Angus Steak

Holy Grail Steak Co.

One of the leading Japanese Wagyu A5 suppliers in America is also a great place to buy Angus Beef and American Wagyu. Holy Grail’s Upper Prime program selects only the best of the best Prime beef – only around 1,000 head of cattle per year meet the criteria – delivering steaks with exceptional fat marbling that delivers optimum flavor and tenderness. This steakhouse-quality beef comes in a variety of cuts, but for those who love both NY strips and tenderloins, they don’t have to choose: Get the porterhouse, a 24 oz. beast of a steak for two.

Buy now: $74

Meat and Bone Dry Aged Steaks

Meat N' Bone Dry Aged Rib Steak

Jeremy Repanich

For a very long time, the hardest part of the steakhouse experience to replicate at home was discovering that deep, umami-packed, beefy flavor of dry-aged steak. An artisan butcher in your town may have a few selections, but they usually don’t age for this long. And aging in place? It’s not that easy or safe without the right equipment. But online vendors have filled the void with amazing selections. One of the best comes from Meat N’ Bone. Its thick cowboy rib eye is aged for over 45 days, giving it incredible depth of flavor, just like you would get at your favorite steakhouse. And while the company is proud to advertise the level of funk this meat has, it doesn’t suffer from a muddled or unpleasant flavor like some aged beef, which shows they’ve taken care of the aging process. .

Buy now: $87

Vermont Wagyu

Vermont Wagyu Rib Steak

Vermont Wagyu

Most Wagyu beef raised in the United States is a cross between Japanese and Black Angus cattle. On a farm in Vermont, Sheila Patinkin raises and raises Japanese blood not far from where she grew up. The difference between American and Japanese beef is not only semantic. Japanese cattle are genetically different from their American counterparts because they create fat inside the muscle tissue, which makes the fan more evenly distributed in the meat and not just a big shot. Vermont sells A5 levels of fat, but its steaks are still remarkably rich and tender, with subtle hints of butter over the fat in the meat.

Buy now: $76

Flannery Dry Aged Beef

dry aged ribeye steak


“An unsexy way to explain it is that dry aging, in a nutshell, is a controlled decomposition process,” says Katie Flannery, butcher and COO at Flannery Beef. “You expose the sub-primals to oxygen, which allows the natural enzymes to work in the meat,” she says. “These are aerobic bacteria, so they need oxygen to survive. They come to life and begin to break the molecular bonds of the meat.

It really doesn’t sound very appetizing, but it absolutely is. And if you’re looking for exceptional dry-aged beef to eat at home, turn to the Northern California company that supplies some of the best restaurants in the state, from Majordomo to Rustic Canyon. Flannery Beef offers a wide range of cuts, including a set of two 28-day-old California Reserve Rib Eyes.

Buy now: $125

Pat LaFrieda

pat lafrieda beef tomahawk

belly of gold

When it comes to steak, we generally have a policy that Angie Mar is right. The chef behind The Three Horses of New York and author of the book Butcher + Beast used Pat LaFrieda exclusively when she had Manhattan’s meat mecca that was The Beatrice Inn. Right now, the beloved butcher is offering a pair of 2-inch-thick, dry-aged USDA Prime Black Angus tomahawks that are perfect for your grill. You don’t even really need tongs, just grab that bone when you want to flip it.

Buy now: $248

First light grass-fed Wagyu

grass fed wagyu beef

first light

For Americans to get their hands on the exceptional beef of New Zealand’s first light, they had to belong to the company’s exclusive steak club. Luckily, the company recently launched a retail operation, selling its grass-fed Wagyu in multiple states and online at Thrive Market. What makes First Light special is how the ranch has crossed Japanese Wagyu to create the deep flavor of grass-fed beef, with the beautiful marbling of grain-finished beef. Thrive sells three collections of First Light, with the most premium sets including tenderloins, rib eye, New York strips and top sirloin.

Buy now: $182

Snake River Farms Plate of Short Ribs

Snake River Farms Plate of Short Ribs

Snake River Farms

Ok, so it’s not a steak, but it’s a glorious slice of beef. Snake River Farms Short Ribs Dish lets you make your own beefy short ribs that you’ll see at some of your favorite pitmasters. But if you’re not in the mood to slowly cook that creamy cut, Snake River Farms still has plenty of great cuts available of its beautifully marbled American Wagyu steaks.

Buy now: $139

Dino S. Williams