15 Great Restaurant Steaks for $20 or Less

As we all know, steakhouses are some of the most expensive restaurants around. If you’re craving a good dry-aged ribeye, you’ll have to be prepared to shell it out. But that doesn’t mean you can’t get a decent steak if you’re on a budget, not by a long shot. We’ve found 15 restaurants across the country where you can score a quality dinner steak for $20 or less.

15 great restaurant steaks for $20 or less

It seems that every restaurant, whether it’s a diner or an Italian trattoria, has steak on the menu. But while it’s easy enough to find a cheap steak if you really want one, it’s much harder to find a restaurant that actually sells one. good steak for $20 or less. But believe it or not, some really good restaurants (and even some of the best steakhouses in the country) serve steaks that won’t even break the bank.

Some of these steaks are off the menu, some are only available one night a week, and some are only available until they run out. Some are less noticeable cuts like the hanger or skirt, some are filet mignons, and some are T-bones. But they all have a few things in common: They’re not from chain restaurants, they’re all good, legit steaks, and they’re all $20 or less.

Dino S. Williams