This is Clickfunnels very own affiliate training. 

The premise is to basically get you from beginner to retiring as a Clickfunnels SUPER AFFILIATE in 100 days.

Russel Brunson and his team start from the absolute very beginning and go through all the fundamentals of the affiliate business. 

The affiliate boot camp is usually sold at $997 but is currently offered free of charge by Clickfunnels. A great free resource for any beginner. 


Now to many people, it sounds just to be good to be true. But a lot of people have become SUPER AFFILIATES through this program. 

The concept they created is the ?100-day plan? and it basically claims that by the end of the 100 days, if you follow the process, you will have enough residual income to pay all your bills, car payments etc so you can spend your time doing anything you want. 

Clickfunnels challenges you to treat this like your job for 100 days. Solely concentrating on promoting Clickfunnels and reach 100 active members.

Now, you don?t have to go about doing it like this. The program is drip fed to you each day and you can really work at your own pace. The great news is, Clickfunnels has so many products it offers you can pick and choose which ones suit you best. 


The first few videos are fairly long. They include Russel going over ?the secret formula?. But essentially covers the basics before you can start promoting the course. A lot of the information in the first few videos is incredibly useful. The amount of insight Russell provides is staggering. 

He also goes into depth about how to concentrate on the back-end of your business, how to provide enormous value and how to be someone people can follow and trust. 

Day 6 onwards is where you start constructing your first offer. There?s a fair amount of training to go through but it provides a wealth of sales knowledge to anyone looking to become an affiliate including: 

  • How to build a business
  • How to use Facebook Ads
  • How to build a community to follow you and buy whatever you recommend


The training is for anyone looking to become an affiliate marketer. It?s certainly newbie friendly and anybody with little to no knowledge of affiliate marketing can gain a lot from this. 

Even if you are a seasoned affiliate, there is a lot of information here that can help you improve your business. 

The main factor to consider here is that it?s completely free! A lot of value for absolutely nothing.

As with any good training program, they also have a facebook group where you can get even more help and knowledge, exchange ideas and share funnels!