Sibbesian Books

Puritans have a reputation for being cold and hard to understand. Some of them might be like that but very many aren't - in fact some of them were the warmest-hearted believers you could ever hear from. I've been lightly editing and modernising some of them and I've self-published three volumes which you can order online via

They are self published so please forgive any remaining glitches in the text. 

Cover designs by James Watts.

LULU discount codes can almost always be found online - always check's home page for a 15-25% discount code. I've priced the books at Lulu's printing price which means I don't make any money on them. 

You're just paying for the printing and postage. 

Postage on a single copy is £2.99, £4.99 total if you buy all three Sibbesian of these titles, or 69p per book if you buy 25 books.

The Sunshine of the Gospel
(151 pages)
A foundational introduction to warm Sibbesian thinking. Catch his emphasis on Christ, and on the heart being changed with these seven sermons on Josiah, on the Matchless Love of Christ, on The Song of Songs and on Lydia's heart being opened.
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A Fire Kindled from Heaven
(125 pages)
This builds on the first volume by bringing you some of Sibbes loveliest material on The Song of Songs mostly from his series Bowels Opened..

Of Lovers and Whores: Jeremiah Burroughs on Hosea 2:14-23
(132 pages)
"This is the work of ministers to tell people what riches of mercy there are in God, and that all the treasures of those infinite riches of the infinite God are in Jesus Christ, and to be communicated through him." This was the aim and achievement of the puritan Jeremiah Burroughs, gospel preacher. In the preaching represented by this book he holds out Christ, from Hosea 2:14-23, with warmth and tenderness and prophetic insight, to the hearts of his listeners.