Thursday, May 19, 2011

Ron Frost on THE fault-line in Christianity

Dr. Ron Frost (Cor Deo Mentor) spent Monday with my team.
Here are the first two of four sessions for your listening. 

1. Ron's Story (43mins). If you listen to this and it doesn't inspire you then you might not be alive... The story includes an introduction to his approach to Bible reading which he expands on in his book Discover the Power of the Bible.

2. The Faultline. (63mins) In the next session Ron continues his story but turns to Richard Sibbes who led him to uncover a fault-line at the heart of the story of the church, between those who think our problem is law breaking answered by law keeping, and those who think our problem is self-love remedied by receiving the love of Christ. This is the key debate between Augustine and Pelagius, the real issue for Luther at the Reformation as he contended against scholasticism, and the issue that divided the Puritans (Sibbes and John Cotton vs. William Perkins and others)... and the debate is alive and well today. In the final sessions he develops the issue further from his PhD Dissertation from Kings College London (Richard Sibbes’ Theology of Grace and the Division of English Reformed Theology).