Thursday, May 26, 2011

Our God is Greater!

Here's a helpful analysis of the problem of the god that people don't believe in, and which even Christians seem to believe sometimes... a god we might call OmniGod, or the OmniBeing on account of his bigness...
If they don’t believe in “God” we draw a deep breath and rummage around for some arguments to convince them of “God”: There’s order in the world, there must be an Orderer. Everything is caused, there must be a Cause at the top of the chain. There’s morality – there must be a Moral Lawgiver. You have a sense of something more, there must be Something more."we argue towards some kind of OmniBeing.
You know the omnis – maybe you learnt them in religious studies at school. God is omnipresent, omnipotent, omniscient, omnivorous, ambidextrous, and so on. And if our arguments are clever enough, maybe they’ll agree to our philosophy. Hallelujah, they believe in the Omnibeing! This is surely a step in the right direction, we imagine."
The unbeliever goes away and reads the Gospel. And what do they find? A laughing, crying, shouting, serving, healing, loving Human Sacrifice. And the non-Christian says – “Wow, that stuff’s interesting. But it doesn’t sound to me like the Omnibeing.”
More about The image of the invisible omnibeing (by Glen Scrivener)

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