Friday, May 20, 2011

Do you know the god of Aristotle or the Triune God? (MP3s)

It's observable among Christians that some seem to be warm and generous people with a warm and generous god, while others are cold and a bit mean, like their god.Granted that's a polarising and inevitably caricatured way of coming at things, and that we all sin, it's not without basis in realty.  
(It's worth observing that most "atheists" are atheistic about the cold and mean god, and seem not to have heard of the warm and generous god)
Ron Frost comes at this as a historian as much as anything else and sees how these lines have run together generation after generation in the history of the church.

You can listen to Sessions 1 & 2 here. Continuing on, Ron draws from his PhD Dissertation (which I'm enjoying reading at the moment) and explores the difference between these two threads of church history. On the one hand William Perkins, Theodore Beza, Thomas Aquinas and Aristotle. On the other figures like Richard Sibbes, John Cotton, Augustine, Martin Luther and John Calvin. Different approaches....

Session 3: Two very different approaches (1). In this we explore what's meant when we think of God doing things for his glory, how is glory defined with the Triune God. We get into questions of free will, the heart etc. More on what it means that we're not people who did wrong who need to do right, but who love ourselves, and need to receive God's love in Christ.

Session 4: Two very different approaches (2). We get into the feel of Sibbes preaching, the love of God, the nature of the soul, the ministry of the Spirit.

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And Get to the Delighted in God conference on June 4th in London.