Friday, March 25, 2011

He Loves Us (He is Jealous for me)

I spoke at Bath Uni and Bath Spa Uni CU's joint meeting this week. Over 150 students, and a handful of church leaders from the city, gathered to give thanks for the last year of student mission and to look to the next year. I had the honour of preaching. MP3: He Loves Us (Hosea 2:14-20)

  • 1. He brings
  • 2. He woos.
  • 3. He betroths
  • The Evangelists Heart
  • The Evangelists Task
  • The Evangelists Aim
After the talk Sarah and James led us to sing Here is Love, of Jesus the Saviour of the world and we sang John Mark McMillan's He Loves Us. They were great choices. Dean chose In Christ Alone and He Loves Us after I preached on the same text in Cardiff last month. I really like McMillan's song though I find the lyrics are a bit sloppy in places - cutting the tree line in half sings oddly and a few of the phrases are probably too poetic for congregational singing. And it's about the only song on this theme of the affections and jealousy of God that anyone seems to know. I intend to keep preaching stuff but we need lyrics. Songwriters: please give us more songs to sing on this theme, please serve us!

Further reading on this whole area of God's passion and jealousy I recommend:
Jeremiah Burrough - An Exposition of Hosea
Ray Ortlund- God's Unfaithful Wife
Richard Sibbes - The Sunshine of the Gospel