Monday, January 31, 2011

Book: The Sunshine of the Gospel (Richard Sibbes)

Do you long for a heart affecting Christianity? Come find it with Richard Sibbes, a friend of the church who longs to see her betrothed to Christ. This is experiential evangelical Christianity at it's best.

I've been immersed in the works of Richard Sibbes for a while and decided to self-publish a modernised version of seven of his sermons. I've edited and formatted it, so the book feels like Sibbes but isn't quite as 17th Century as the original source material. He's the warmest and most accessible of the puritans, writing in with simple illustrations and a sweetness of attitude and language. I imagine this being a great book to read slowly and devotionally to warm your heart with Christ. I've added a short introduction and some brief applied footnotes along the way . 
  • Cost: £5, plus postage. I hope you'll find it worth that. 
  • It's bookstore quality production which I'm really happy with.
  • Use code NOSHADOW at checkout to get 20% off the book cost.  HAPPYUK305 also gets you 20% off until Feb 21st. You can usualy find Lulu discount codes via Google for between 10-25%. UK Postage for one copy is £2.99, making it £7.99 without a code, or £6.99 with a 20% off code.
  • If you order 25 copies postage falls to 79p per book (i.e. £5.79 a copy), so team up with others and then use a 20% off code and it'll be a bargainous £4.79! 
  • Lulu print on demand and deliver in about a week.
  • If there are glitches in the typesetting etc, sorry! - it's the downside of not going via a publisher... Do let me know if you spot something and I'll fix it for future editions - doesn't help you but it'd bless someone else!
I genuinely think you'll love reading this, and if you do then by all means feedback your comments - I might stick an endorsements page in a future edition if you give me something quotable!
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  1. wow great work - unfortunately shipping to singapore costs even more than the book itself!

  2. Sadness yemsee :(

    As and when I do myself a bulk order I might be able to ship something your way. What would it normally cost to send a book from UK?

  3. Looks good, Bish. I'd gladly read this, but may I ask - have you had someone proof it? Self-publication can really suffer from lack of proofreading, if blogs are anything to go by. If not, may I offer to proof the text for you or is it signed off already?

  4. Its been read by a few people, but I wouldn't bet against it having an error somewhere.

    The beauty of Lulu's approach is that its very easy to fix and upload a new version of the text - though that doesn't help those who have already got a copy.

  5. Have you thought about publishing it in e-book format, e.g. for the Kindle, so then people don't have to worry about paying extra for postage?
    I got Sibbes' The Bruised Reed for only £0.71, and am slowly reading through it.

  6. Yes, what about an ebook. Really easy to do on Amazon. Have a look at:

  7. I'll look into the eBook option. I know my Dad would prefer that!

  8. Have you offered/proposed it to Banner, too? It would be a way of getting people into his and other similar titles, and would also guarantee quality of text for those of us mad enough to be put off buying from publishers whose editing/proofing process isn't reliable (I know, it's daft, but there we go). As you'll know, they do a line in puritans 'abridged & made easy to read'. Or CFP. Then it'd get marketing & distribution both sides of the pond, too.

  9. Apparently certain aspects of my churchmanship would be an obstacle to Banner. CFP possible though I've seen some of their stuff too...

    Doing it myself does potentially give me some fairly good US connections via an online market.

    I think the quality of this book is fairly good though - I've put a fair bit of effort in!

  10. If you look into publishing as an e-book, may also be helpful - as they sell a limited selection of e-books.

  11. Yes, e-book please - epub, not Kindle edition! Or maybe I'll buy from Lulu (be interesting to see how well it works!)

  12. I've just ordered a copy through Lulu.

    It would be great to see a Kindle version. I do rather love my Kindle...

  13. oh.. I usually order through bookdepository - free worldwide delivery =)

  14. Not sure what it would take to get Book Depository to stock a lulu book. I know I can pay a fee for Amazon to do it.

  15. please, please publish this as an eBook so that your international blog readers can get their grubby lil mits on it.

    If that doesn't work, I guess I'll just wait to Easter and a trip to the Mother-land.

  16. USE

    SPRINGREAD until end of March for 20% off (bigger orders)
    or GROUNDUK for free postage (for smaller quanities) until 21st March 2011.