Tuesday, November 23, 2010

How does "The Law" fit in to Christianity?

I've been back in Galatians again, dwelling on the joys of being a Christian ahead of a couple of Christian Union weekends that I'm speaking at next month. As some context for preaching on Sonship a bit of background is needed to answer the idea that Christian life happens through keeping the law. By "The Law" I mean the Biblical law that God gave to Moses via angels 430 years after Abraham.

Galatians 3:14-26 shows us how the Father made a promise to Christ directly, how promises cannot be modified once they've been made, and therefore whatever else the law was for it wasn't to change the promise. In fact it was a temporary measure to imprison (guard/protect/preserve) Israel until Christ, after which it remains useful and sweet-tasting and beautiful Scripture that testifies all about Jesus, but once he has come Jews need not be enslaved to law nor Gentiles enslaved to sin - for they can by faith be Sons in Christ, as is unpacked in 3:27-4:7.

Adjusted diagram with a bit more detail...