Saturday, September 11, 2010

Forum 2010: Our God is lovely and beautiful and met with us

Last week was our annual national student leaders conference at The Quinta in Shropshire. I've been going to this conference for many years, first as a student, then a volunteer and more recently on staff. I enjoyed camping with South West students and looking ahead to CU weekends and mission weeks with Bath Spa and Cardiff later in the year.

What I love about UCCF is that its a fellowship that is all about the gospel. This has always been the case but this year the gospel seem to have relaxed us, made us more generous and loving toward one another and more sensitive to the Spirit. As we gathered to behold our saviour we knew our hearts being changed, in our relationships with God and his people, and for mission.

The conference was also marked for me by brilliant heart-engaging teaching - a peak for me perhaps was Mike Reeves on John 20, listening to that will blow you away for 35mins. His final Dig Deeper track session on The Song of Songs is worth a peek too.

I also had the privilege of teaching a track with Nay Dawson on Transformed by our Gracious God and seeing students set free by the grace of God. It was a joy to unpack Galatians with them. You can listen in to them, with the group-work editted out here: Part 1 (41mins) -- Part 2 (68mins) -- Part 3 (46mins)

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