Saturday, February 20, 2010

Terry Virgo at 70

Terry Virgo is 70 today.
He was 58 before I was even a Christian and I'd never directly benefited from his ministry until he taught at the UCCF student leaders conference in 2005.
Subsequently I found good friends within the newfrontiers family that has arisen through Terry's relationships, and in the last two years we've become members of one of those churches.
Terry is a man who is about the grace of God and the local church, something for which I'm very thankful. Having met Terry a handful of times in the last few years I find him to be a man of great integrity who lives what he preaches and whose ministry I hope has many years remaining.
If you've never come across him I highly commend his book God's Lavish Grace as a starting point, he'll deflect your attention away from himself towards Jesus. Quite right.
God's Lavish Grace