Friday, February 26, 2010

Luke 12:13-14:35 Will those who are saved be few?

Jesus has been answering the question "How can I inherit eternal life?" Now the question changes, someone asks Jesus (13v23) whether only a few will be saved. Jesus doesn't directly answer the question. It's a narrow way but in the end people will repeatedly make their excuses to avoid being saved, and instead he'll be inviting in all the waifs and strays from the highways and byway (13v29, 14v23).

The approach to think about is humble acceptance of the invite - hence, take the lowest seats at the table (14v10-11). Let us read the times like we read the weather (12v56, 13v5) and be ready to come to the banquet.  Likewise know where your treasure is (12v13-34) - have your richness and treasure towards God (v12,34) - throw away everything else to have Jesus.

The question isn't how many will be saved, it's make sure you get saved - make sure you'll be dining with Jesus at the banquet in his kingdom. 14v35: Those who have ears to hear, let them hear...