Sunday, September 06, 2009

By this we know love: First back-to-back Sunday at Frontiers Church Exeter

This morning was different to previous Sunday mornings. I left the house just after 9am to walk to church for our first early meeting (9.30am) and was there through to the second (11.30am) after which we had the pleasure of eating with some of our new home group family.

It was good to gather to continue our 'all of life' worship together with the church family, with Matt Giles leading us. We learned a new song from Sovereign Grace Music, By this we know love which was great, and welcomed good contributions in prayer, revelations, tongues and interpretations from the members of the church in both meetings, with elder Andy Arscott speaking on being filled with the Spirit, with a call to worship God and serve one another.

Our new meetings are smaller at this stage but were still well attended and we have some new challenges with keeping to a tight timing, but generally it all seemed to flow well. Next Sunday I'll be kicking off our new six month series in Proverbs which is something I'm looking forward to, though I have some work to do to finish my preparation and I'm trusting that God will provide the stamina to preach twice in one morning., and grace for the strangeness of speaking on the same passage in the same room to different people...

By this we know love that He laid down His life
God’s very own Son, came from Heaven to die
Suspended He hung, as he shed His own blood
What grace in His pardon, by this we know love