Friday, July 17, 2009

Macho-Christianity, or being a pretty princess?

"It is a documented fact that evangelical Christianity struggles to attract blokes, and does much better with women. Various theories have been advanced as to why this might be. Probably the most popular one is that we're just not doing church right - our songs are overly sentimental, our preaching isn't action-packed enough, our vision of Jesus isn't macho enough. Church doesn't feel very blokey...ome of those things might be valid concerns, to a certain extent. But I've been wondering whether the Christian message is stucturally anti-male, and I suspect it is - and I suspect that isn't a problem. Psalm 45 is my jumping-off point here...."
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Can we handle being the bride?
Can we handle the God who goes for the weak and the small and the insignificant and unimpressive things of this world?